Chrissy Teigen on John Legend’s reputation as a “modelizer”

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. They aren’t just known for their sizzling good looks. The pair are also known for raising a family that fans consider as ultimate goals.

Legend and Teigen also juggle publicity in their own hands better than most celebrities. The couple has a very strong social media presence and is known for openly criticizing the Trump administration.

But before they became the superstar couple that they are now, the pair didn’t quite start on the right foot. The married couple appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine with their children Luna Simone and Miles Theodore. In an interview with the magazine, they opened up about their early dating years.

“He was kind of known at the time for either being in the closet or a modelizer,” Teigen recalled of her now-husband. “I used to go on the websites and it was always either how I was his beard, or how he paid his past serious girlfriends, or how he was with some new model. Oh my god, I would read everything.”

The two met after Teigen appeared in the music video for Legend’s 2007 track, “Stereo.”

“It got serious pretty quickly,” Legend told Vanity Fair about their relationship. “She just entertained the hell out of me, texting me. What people respond to in her tweets today was the same energy in those texts. I didn’t know that I wanted someone funny until I was actually with someone funny.”

Ben Hornery
Ben Hornery
Ben is is a senior journalist and sport columnist for Best in Australia. He previously worked for the BC and other radio stations.
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