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Are you taking every preventative measure with the best security features to protect your business building as well as assets? In 2019-2020 there were 6,697 non-dwelling burglaries and 1,453 robbery cases in Western Australia. Cases of theft also increased from 76,643 in 2011-2012 to 79,807 in 2019-2020 according to Western Australian police crime statistics.

The saying “prevention is better than cure” certainly rings true here. Better to be overly cautious and ensuring that, firstly, you have all the necessary security features and, secondly, that anyone can see your security features installed in your business from a mile away. You can even take it a step further and put up signs listing all of these security features in the building.

We break down the different measures you can take in order to avoid burglaries at your business, as well as what to do when the unfortunate break-in does occur.

Big Brother is Watching – Install CCTV Cameras, Alarms and Security Lighting

Needless to say, CCTV cameras can be majorly beneficial not only to catch thieves on camera but to deter them from breaking in in the first place. The same goes for security lighting as no one would want to break in when illuminated by bright light – the chance of someone spotting them is generally too much of a risk. In contrast, keep indoor lighting to a minimum to avoid visibility of any valuables.

Alarms can be both a deterrent as well as a measure to chase burglars away when they attempt to enter the building. If they do get inside and the alarm starts screeching, it will draw attention to them and what they are attempting to do. They will then most likely flee the scene and you as well as your security company will be alerted of the attempted burglary. It is also important to have your alarm switchboard out of sight or possibly even off-site in order to avoid tampering.

You should also consider the surrounding landscapes and rubbish bins as these could be potential hiding places for burglars. Try to keep the area clear in order to avoid this.

Under Lock and Key – Place all Valuables and Cash in a Safe

How and when you are handling your business’ money and valuables should be carefully considered. Remember to always close the cash drawer right after you’ve used it and remove the key, hiding it if possible.

You should also only count and move the cash when you are out of sight from customers and anyone passing by. If possible, always empty out cash drawers and leave them open in plain sight to deter burglars. You should also anchor your safes to the counter in order to avoid easy removal.

Always be alert and aware of what is happening in your surroundings and what you are doing while you are handling the money. If you see anything or anyone acting suspicious, listen to your gut and rather be safe than sorry.

Pack away any valuables that could be seen from the outside of your business. Do not tempt criminals, you will pray the price!

Never have your personal contact details or address on your keys. If your keys do get stolen or lost, always change all the locks – immediately! If someone finds your missing keys, request that they drop it off at their nearest police station where you can then collect it.

Slammed Shut – Security Screens

Security screens are excellent security features for both businesses and homes. They will more likely deter burglars from afar already as trying to break past security screens can be a tricky, time-consuming job. Covering all your windows with security screens will immediately make your business look like it’s properly locked down and that it’s difficult to break through the windows to enter the building.

Locked up – Security Doors

Did you know that most break-ins happen from a side or back door? You therefore need to address all the possible points of entry, not just the front door. By installing security doors, you ensure that all possible points of entry are shut and locked. This will certainly deter burglars and – even if they are still not deterred – will take them longer to break in, causing them to possibly give up or be spotted by someone. Alternatively, your alarm might alert you of their presence before they can steal anything.

You might want to seal these security doors with heavy-duty locks – just in case, and to scare burglars off and delay them even more.

Body Language – Behavioural Measures

Also pay close attention to your customers’ behaviour. Do they seem agitated or in a hurry? This could be a clear indication that they are hiding or planning something. As soon as you feel like something is off with a customer, request further identification. This will either scare them off or give you peace of mind.

Be Prepared – Paperwork and Marking Belongings

Always double-check that your insurance is up to date and includes every little detail. Also consider upping your insurance game if necessary.

Another measure you can consider is to mark any valuables. Although this might not necessarily deter burglars, it will make it easier for your belongings to find their way back to you if they are stolen.

What to Do in the Event of a Business Break-In

Oh, no… you are a victim of a business burglary. What to do? Even if you took all the preventive measures, it can be a shock when this occurs. We break down what to do to ease the pain.

  1. First things first, avoid touching anything! Do take note of some of the details the police and insurance provider will need. For example, time of the burglary and any witnesses, if you have any cameras, any possible descriptions you could give of the offender as well as whether they used any weapons or left any evidence at the scene.
  2. Contact the police on 000 or 131444
  3. File a report. You will require this report as well as a case number for when you claim from your insurance.
  4. Only then should you contact your insurance provider to give them all the above details and file the claim.

Going Forward

Connect with other businesses in your street or area and agree to keep an eye out for one another. Always ensure that your security systems, as well as your business insurance, are up to date and of the best possible quality in order to avoid or diminish the negative effects of a business break-in.


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