Pro tips and mistakes to avoid while sealing concrete driveways

Many people find it difficult whether to seal the concrete driveway as well as other surfaces or not and also how often to do so. Sealing the concrete driveways or pool sides is important as they do improve the quality and life of the concrete. Applying concrete sealer will definitely give your driveway a better appearance and long life. Especially when you have marks or stains on your driveways it is a great option to consider.

In fact, sealing the concrete driveway is a great decision as you are protecting and at the same time extending the lifetime of your driveways.

These days you can find a number of options for concrete sealing but make sure you get the best. Luckily, the entire concrete sealing process is not time-consuming and is cost effective as well.

Water does deteriorate the quality of concrete driveways and can be very damaging for the driveways. At the same time, winter salts can also be extremely damaging for the driveways as the can seep inside the surface of the concrete in fact salts on the driveways can increase the absorption of water and as a result, lead to more cracks.

If you are planning to seal the concrete driveways then here are few tips to follow and mistakes to avoid.

3 Tips to consider:

1. Make sure to clean the driveway first

It is actually the most important step that you need to do before anything else. Make sure to clean it completely. You will have to get a scrubber and a concrete cleaner that can help you get rid of the dust and debris deposited on the driveway.

It is a necessary process because you do not want to seal an untidy and unclean driveway. It is also important because the oils and dirt do not allow the concrete to seal properly. After you are done with cleaning make sure it dries completely.

2. Test the area

It is important to test the area before you start applying the sealer. Choose an unobtrusive area on the driveway and apply a little bit of sealer on the driveway. Let it dry for a while and then see if it is the way you want if yes then you can proceed further. If you do not like how it turned out to be then you will have to purchase some other sealer.

3. Choose a bright sunny day

Another important tip to consider is choosing a bright sunny day to do the entire process. It is important to seal the concrete when it is a sunny and warm day. Though weather can many times be uncertain however you shall make sure to choose a day which is not cloudy. It will allow the seal to dry out quickly.

3. Mistakes you must avoid

1. Not shielding yourself

While you are sealing the concrete it is important to shield yourself during the entire process. The concrete sealers do contain harmful chemicals so it is very important to shield yourself during the process. So, it is important to use safety gears like goggles, shielded clothes and hand gloves while working with the sealers.

2. Not using enough applications

Concrete sealers are not everlasting. So, after using concrete sealing you need to make sure that you reapply it from time to time. Mostly you will have to reapply it after a gap of 2-3 years if you want the driveway to remain in good conditions.

3. Picking the incorrect sealer

Some sealers seep inside the concrete but do not have a shiny finish. For glossy after effect, you will have to choose a sealer that leaves a shielding layer to give a shiny finish. So, it is your choice to pick a sealer that leaves a shiny or Matt finish.

Know what you want so that you can be satisfied with the end results. The type of sealer you choose for driveway can greatly impact the outlook so make sure to choose wisely.

Tony Twomey
Tony Twomey
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