5 best home builders in Perth

When building a new home it is certainly something that you would want and need the assistance of a professional. No matter the size of your new home, it tends to be quite a drawn out process and sometimes even a stressful process. This is why it is important for you to look into only the best home builders in Perth.

You need a home builder that takes pride in their work and a business who has a proven track record. Also, it is important to find someone who will actually listen to your needs and build a home that is to code. At the end of the day this is your home and you will be spending a significant amount of time here, so you certainly want it to be perfect!

There are certainly a lot of different home builders in Perth fighting for your attention. As this is something you don’t want to get wrong, it is important for you to choose only from the best.

Who are the top home builders in Perth?

Name: Website: Speciality:
Collier Homes www.collierhomes.com.au Custom homes, developments & Lindal Cedar Homes
Blue Print Homes www.blueprinthomes.com.au House & land packages, finance for homes & wide variety of home designs
Celebration Homes www.celebrationhomes.com.au House & land packages & variety of home designs
Plunkett Homes www.plunketthomes.com.au House & land packages, demolish & build, different home designs & custom homes
Ben Trager Homes www.bentragerhomes.com.au Custom home designs, demolish & build, house & land packages, developments & interior design

Home Builder #1: Collier Homes

Photo: Screenshot from collierhomes.com.au

Collier Homes is definitely the leader in Perth in building new single and double story homes based on your design, so that you can live in a home that reflects your unique style.

There are three main areas where Collier Homes can assist you; custom homes, developments and Lindal Cedar Homes. They offer a fresh and exciting take on designing homes and you won’t see anything cookie cutter from them, they love to think outside the box!

You can have a look on their website at all the stylish homes they have built before. This will help you understand what they can do as well as give you more ideas when designing your own home. The team at Collier Homes welcome all new ideas and they aren’t afraid to push the boundaries in terms of design.

They take the time to sit with you and get a complete understanding of the type of home you are looking for. They understand that this process does take time and they do not want to rush you in any way. You can feel comfortable in talking to them and changing your mind and the plans to include any new ideas that you have.

Collier Homes has been around for almost 60 years and in that time have cemented themselves as one of the top home builders in Perth. They have the experience and skills needed to build a high quality home that you will love for many years to come.

They started as a family business and still instil those same family values and traditions to this day. They pride themselves on a personalised experience and they hope to guide you through the journey of building your new home.

One of the unique things that Collier Homes offers that you won’t find in many other similar businesses is a Lindal Cedar home. They are now an authorised dealer for these types of homes and their goal is to produce a home that you have always dreamed of.

They work closely to understand your budget and provide the best work possible for the amount of money you have available to spend. Lindal homes have a deep history and can be built in every different climate imaginable. They use sustainable materials that offer a uniquely modern design.

They also offer custom designs (so again you don’t need to stick to something cookie cutter), a lifetime structural warranty as well as support during and even after the build is completed.

Home Builder #2: Blue Print Homes

blue print homes
Photo: Screenshot from blueprinthomes.com.au

Blue Print Homes are here to help you find the perfect land and home package, they have over 300 packages available across Perth for you to choose from. They are also happy to help when it comes to finance because they understand that building a new home is going to be heavy on your pockets.

One of the great things that Blue Print Homes has is the amount of special offers they have. This means that you are able to get more bang for your buck. They also have a wide variety of display homes available for you to look at online to start getting your ideas flowing.

They also have some pretty great house and land packages available, if you are looking to make a completely fresh start. Their service is award winning, receiving recognition from HIA and MBA home building for best display home construction, best kitchen, excellence in service and more.

No matter your lifestyle or budget, Blue Print Homes is here to help guide you through what can be quite a complex process. They have the experience to build your desired home that will impress. They take the time to get to know you and your family, through a one on one consultation so they have a better idea of the type of home you are looking for.

Home Builder #3: Celebration Homes

Celebration Homes
Photo: Screenshot from celebrationhomes.com.au

Celebration Homes is here to inspire you in the process of creating your forever home. They have a number of different home designs, ranging from; contemporary, cottage/ narrow, large family homes or display homes. They have a number of different options available for you to have a look through on their website.

They also offer home and land package to suit every person and family, no matter the stage in their life. You can also even create your own package if you are looking for a more personalised touch to your home.

Celebration Home has been in operation for about 16 years and it that time they have mastered building high quality homes for reasonable prices. They want to help build you a home that suits your needs and is an accurate representation of who you are as a person.

They have a high level of commitment to each one of their customers, which has saw them win a number of awards such as project builder of the year and best customer service. They take the time to understand how you want to live and build a place the represents that.

They offer a fast and reliable service, which means that you can start living in your new home sooner then you thought. They are also here to help any first home buyers looking to get involved in the property market.

Home Builder #4: Plunkett Homes

Plunkett Homes
Photo: Screenshot from plunketthomes.com.au

Plunkett Homes offers a wealth of experience that a lot of other companies cannot compete with, that have been building quality homes for their clients for over 100 years. With this amount of knowledge and expertise, you know they will deliver a supreme product each and every time.

They work hard to ensure a high attention to detail. They want to make sure that your home is built the exact same way that you imagined it. They are committed to providing quality customer service and they take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for.

The team at Plunkett Homes will also offer their own suggestions to help guide you to building the perfect home. They have over 100 different home designs available to view and they have the ability to customise a design to suit the exact style you desire.

So no matter your situation, if you are downsizing, developing, buying your first home or upsizing, Plunkett Homes knows how to provide you with the best home possible. They even have display home videos on their website so you can get a better understanding of the home without having to physically visit.

Home Builder #5: Ben Trager Homes

Ben Trager Homes
Photo: Screenshot from bentragerhomes.com.au

No matter the type of home you are looking to build, Ben Trager Homes can help you make that dream a reality. They can assist in building homes such as; single storey, double story, narrow lots, urban townhouses and unit developments.

Ben Trager Homes pride themselves in providing their clients with high quality homes that do not break the bank. They want to help you design a home that is going to stand out from the rest. No matter the ideas or thoughts you bring to the table, they will find a way to bring them to life in the most cost effective way possible.

Their rising popularity is such that they have now expanded to include a more detailed range of different home designs in every type of home that they build. They want to ensure that your home has the personal touch you were looking for. Their experienced team work hard to offer the widest range of homes possible.

They even have different categories for you to browse, including homes under $200K, $300K and $400K. Ben Trager Homes strongly believe that even though you may not have the biggest budget, it doesn’t mean you won’t get an amazing, high quality home.

They also offer an interior design service, so if are looking for tips and ideas to help properly style your new home, Ben Trager Homes can help you accomplish this. They will work closely with you to ensure that the things you put on the inside of your home is just as beautiful as the home that was just built.

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