5 office essentials outfit tips to invest in this season

A new season is upon us, which means it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and introduce some incredible new pieces to your capsule. No worries, below are some great tips on what you need in your wardrobe for your new work look.

Of course, it’s important to know what guidelines you should be following in your workplace – every employer provides dress standards, so, ensure that you stick to them as you shop for new office essentials.

Office wardrobe essentials to look great

A slick blazer

Whether it’s for your actual job or for interviews, everyone should have a chic blazer in their wardrobe. It should be lightweight, but more importantly – it needs to be a tailored piece so that it brings structure to your outfit.

It isn’t something to throw on as a finishing touch (though, it is), it’s something that should pull your entire outfit together.

If it is for work and you’re in a casual type of industry you can shrug it on over a nice tank or t-shirt and jeans. The beauty of the right blazer is that it can just as easily dress up a casual outfit as it can pull a more professional look together.

The silk button-up

Again, this is something that can be dressed up or down, depending on the type of industry that you work in and the dress code guidelines that you’re working with.

These office essentials go great with slacks, jeans, with a sweater, with a blazer, they can serve as the foundation for any type of outfit. The best part is they’re seriously comfortable, so don’t be afraid to embrace the blouse and buy one in a range of colors to rotate through.

A little black dress

Every woman needs one, right? Well, this isn’t quite what you’re already imaging. Think more along the lines of a sleeveless black knit dress. It should be flattering, not boxy, not too loose, and not too tight.

The beauty of a dress like this is you can toss a cardigan over the top, wear a shirt underneath it, wear it with a blazer, you can go with heels or you can opt for flats. It’s truly versatile, it’s comfortable, and it’s even the ideal look if you need to travel. There’s so much you can do with a knit dress.

Color choices

Building your wardrobe capsule from neutral colors is always the wisest thing you can do – it means you can mix and match pieces and create new outfits from existing ones without having to go and buy new clothes all the time. So, embrace creams, olives, whites, blacks, grays, and other neutral colors that will go with pretty much everything.

You might be tempted to go crazy with bright colors and patterns, but not every industry looks kindly on this type of work wear. It’s important that you take a look around you at the people you work with and take a leaf out of their book when it comes to what is and isn’t appropriate for the workplace.

You should also consult your dress standard guidelines and then look for where you can express your personality. You want to be known for your work, not be known as that weirdo who always wears 70s prints.

As much as our outfits represent our personality, it’s important to be taken seriously in the business world, so bear that in mind as you shop. Of course, if you’re in a more creative industry then you won’t need to worry about reining in your bright, patterned leggings.


Your accessories are the opportunity to inject color and change things up. The accessories that you choose can transform your outfit into something otherworldly, so that’s what you should be looking to do with all of your outfits, including your work wear.

Men can do this with ties, while women can change up their jewelry, handbag, and shoes to inject color and excitement into a standard office outfit.

Remember this, as much as you love your signature scent, the rest of the office might not be so keen on it, so don’t bathe in it every morning – a light spritz should be sufficient to carry you through the day and not leave your office mates with a blinding headache. Why not take advantage of the many discount codes and offers that are available on accessories and clothing, and don’t forget about styletread free delivery, too!

Just an additional tip, while beards are definitely in for the fellas, make sure you’re keeping yours well groomed – that means giving it a trim and using beard oil to control it.

Don’t even think about trying to grow it on work time either, do it on your vacation or face the wrath of your boss. Not only will it keep your skin moisturized, but it will make your beard as soft as a baby’s bottom. Ladies, keep your makeup choices conservative – there are plenty of stunning neutral looks.

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