Fashion for kids… in all its stylish glory

Kids are some of the best models you can find because they can rock all styles and look good in everything. Dying to dress up your little fashionista or debonair hunk in the hippest clothing you can find? Take a look at what’s in and what’s not…

Redefining fashion for kids, a large number of labels are introducing trendy new styles and colours for the little one. From attire to footwear and more, kids’ fashion has never been more glamorous. Not only do parents want to look good, but they also want their kids to look their best too.

Kids’ wear brands have flooded the market, so customers have a choice of both luxury and affordable when it comes to adorning their kids’ wardrobes. Flowy dresses with floral embroidery for girls and polo shirts for boys remain ageless favourites.

Combining convenience and practicality with style, neutral tones remain on trend. Withstanding the test of time, colours like yellows, whites, pinks and blues continue to be popular with parents and kids alike. Breaking away from the classic colours, cream, lemon, peach, pale blue and olive shades are also in demand.

Most kids clothing brands and designers use natural materials like silk, linen, wool, cotton and cashmere. Combined with ribbons, lace and other embroideries, outfits for kids are transformed into fashion-forward statements – more than ever before.

Baby clothes are now being made with natural, environmentally friendly materials with fun earthy colours, floral prints and soft patterns at the helm.

Street style for boys and girls is trending with casual and glamour pieces making a statement at major fashion outlets around Australia and the globe. The days of clothes divided by gender are long gone with parents dressing up their kids in all types of clothes.

Shorts and shirts for girls are now totally in thanks to their comfort and convenience. Mix and match different clothes together and you’ve got yourself a brand new outfit that looks new and unworn.

In footwear, sneakers, another timeless classic, are now just as popular with girls as they are with young boys. Slip-on shoes are preferred for their convenience, and with a range of styles on offer with the retailers, there are plenty of options for boys and girls.

Fast fashion brands and big retailers remain popular places to stop for consumers in Australia. They deliver strong appeal thanks to affordable prices, regular discounts, on-trend clothing collections and frequent new products.

A number of trends have invaded the kids’ fashion industry with a range of designers and retailers giving it more attention than ever before. And because parents want their kids to look fantastic, the kids’ fashion trend is expected to continue getting and better over time.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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