Vanessa Hudgens slammed by fans for insensitive COVID-19 comments

Vanessa Hudgens has been dragged by fans for her insensitive comments about the current state the world is in right now amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

On an Instagram live, the actress said some insensitive opinions about the viral pandemic that resulted in thousands of fatalities and millions of people around the world being quarantined as governments from around the world try their best to contain the virus.

During Hudgens’ Instagram live, the actress talked about social distancing until July is bulls**t. Now, some people might agree with her, but what she said next is what set people off. She shared her opinion, stating that she gets that it’s a virus and she respects it. She goes on to say that even if everyone gets it, people are going to die which is terrible, but according to her, it is inevitable. Like Thanos.

After sharing her opinion on her Instagram live, you could see that the actress immediately regretted what she said, but it was a few seconds too late. And everyone knows how Twitter will react to her comments. People tweeted a myriad of things from her being high while doing the live session, Hudgens being pissed because she had cultures in line to appropriate, labeling her name to a stupidity level and a lot more.

Not long after, and due to the huge backlash she received, the actress went to her social media to apologize for the insensitive things she said. The High School Musical alum and Bad Boys for Life star tweeted her apology, saying that she was sorry for the way she has offended people especially the ones who saw the clip from her Instagram live. She went on to explain how she realized that she was insensitive and her actions were not appropriate in the current situation the world is in.

Chrissy Teigen went to Hudgens’ aid, asking the masses not to bury the actress because of her comments. Meanwhile, Piers Morgan who has had a history with Teigen also slammed Hudgens for her apparent ‘staggeringly tone-deaf response’. In his recent column for MailOnline, the English journalist asked what kind of mentality makes people brainless while being in the midst of the world’s greatest threat since World War 2.

Morgan referenced that a lot of millennials were being ‘perfectly stoic and sensible’ in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak while some have also been behaving like ‘complete and utter cretins’.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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