Nick Cannon uses Juice Wrld in new track to diss Eminem

Nick Cannon and Eminem have been going back and forth lately and things got a little less classy when Nick released a new Eminem diss track using Juice Wrld’s death.

After being destroyed by Eminem when he released “Lord Above”, Nick Cannon responded with “The Invitation” featuring Suge Knight which people calls probably the worst diss track of all time. This was probably Cannon’s way of getting Eminem to respond to him with another diss track to get him relevant again because let’s be honest, Nick Cannon’s rap career has been nonexistent for almost a decade.

Cannon’s diss track accuses Slim Shady from being a bad father to using drugs and a whole lot of nasty in between. Eminem responded on Twitter with a whole lot of expletives calling Cannon a bougie f***.

Nick then released a second diss track in two days titled “Pray For Him” featuring The Black Squad where one of the members drops the line ‘God should’ve took Em’ and just let us keep Juice WRLD.’ Where they referred to wishing that Eminem died instead of Juice Wrld which will probably keep the fire going in this feud.

Juice Wrld, real name Jarad Anthony Higgins passed away at the very young age of 21 after having a seizure right after landing at the Chicago Airport last Sunday.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the rapper suffered the fatal seizure during a federal search of the rapper and his entourage’s luggage. Agents discovered a bunch of prescription cough syrup, a lot of bags of marijuana, a handful of handguns with armor-piercing bullets. This was not the rapper’s first rodeo with federal agents though, as TMZ reported that Juice was searched last November when he landed at LAX where drug-sniffing canines were alert regarding his luggage though nothing was reported whether he was carrying anything illegal at the time.

It was also reported by TMZ that the rapper was seen swallowing a bunch of pills in attempts to hide them during brief time between the plane landing and the federal authorities boarding the plane to conduct a search. It was also reported that federal agents injected Juice with Narcan in the assumption that he was overdosing on drugs per Page Six reports. Juice’s girlfriend also disclosed that the rapper had a drug problem.

After Juice’s untimely passing several rappers went to social media to break their silence about the tragedy sharing their thoughts about him like Future, and Joyner Lucas with Joyner putting blame on rappers of their generation giving positive reinforcement to drug culture that led to Juice’s sudden death.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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