Cara Delevingne hacked, breakup rumors with Ashley Benson explodes

Just last week, Offset, Cardi B’s husband was hacked. The victim this week? English actress Cara Delevingne and her girlfriend American actress Ashley Benson.

Cara tweeted that she and Benson had broken up and deleting it after just twenty minutes. The two women had been dating for two years so it came as a shock to fans when Delevingne tweeted that they were not together anymore.

Rumors regarding the romance between the two were first noticed when Benson was seen wearing a necklace with letters C and A. Delevingne then confirmed the rumors that the two were seeing each other afterward.

People had surmised that this was a hack, given that Delevingne had deleted the tweet afterward and that both she and Benson have had normal social media activity ever since. The tweet was also considered out of character as Delevingne uses her Twitter account to promote her work and projects.

Another reason why people think this was done by a hacker is that just recently, Benson had posted a black and white nude photo on Instagram where she and her girlfriend had an adorable back and forth on the comments, an unnatural behavior for a couple that is supposed to be having relationship problems.

The couple is also very private when it comes to their relationship which made the fans eat up their cute Instagram interaction in Benson’s photo. This is another reason why this is probably a hack, given that it’s uncharacteristic of them to announce their relationship status on social media as well.

Private as they are, this was not the first time Delevingne spoke lovingly about Benson. Last June, Delevingne mentioned Benson indirectly when she gave a speech in the TrevorLIVE gala in New York where she said that she had a very special woman in attendance to thank (Benson). The actress went on to share that she was one of the people who helped her love herself when she needed it the most and showed her what real love is and how to accept it.

UPDATE: While Cara Delevingne has kept quiet after her apparent tweet that she and Ashley Benson had broken up, Benson has set the record straight on Instagram where she posted some photos of a Pretty Little Liars reunion panel in Berlin when a fan asked if she and Cara have really broken up. The actress replied immediately with a simple ‘nope’.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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