Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth went through therapy before split

Miley Cyrus may look like she’s having all the fun amid her “separation” from husband Liam Hemsworth but the singer reportedly fought hard to make their marriage work.

While Cyrus is off on a steamy vacation with Kaitlynn Carter, TMZ reports that she did all she could to salvage her relationship with Hemsworth. The outlet’s sources say the marriage has been pretty rocky for the past few months. Cyrus was the one to initiate going to couples therapy and while she was determined to reconcile with Hemsworth, one source says “He didn’t come close to meeting her halfway.”

It hasn’t been long since clues of their split started to surface. The pair have reportedly been separated for months. In fact, Liam was even spotted without a wedding ring while he was doing groceries back in June.

And while Liam has been spotted in Australia looking down on the dumps, their split was reportedly a long time coming. Other tabloids say Liam is receiving the tougher end of the breakout and is trying to recuperate in the company of his family.

As for Cyrus and Carter, the two reportedly did not begin casually seeing each other until they broke up with their respective spouses. Cyrus and Hemsworth are long-time friends of Carter and her ex Brody Jenner. The four were neighbors in Malibu, California before wildfires engulfed their neighborhoods back in late 2018.

According to Jenner, all of them are still good friends amid Cyrus’ highly publicized rendezvous with Jenner’s ex-wife. It must be a really awkward situation now huh?

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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