Anne Hathaway on being asked to weigh 20 more pounds for a role

Anne Hathaway thinks it’s great that Hollywood is starting to get more body positive but says it still has a long way to go.

The Hollywood actress graced the cover of Allure’s September issue. In the magazine’s cover interview, Hathaway reveals the unusual request that director Dee Rees asked of her prior to shooting The Last Thing He Wanted for Netflix. To get into her character as a journalist turned weapons dealer, Rees asked Hathaway to gain 20 more pounds.

Hathaway also shared how it was like to be a teenager in Hollywood revealing that getting a role at 16 years old meant losing weight to keep a slim figure. Now, Hathaway is glad that body positivity is actually encouraged on the set of her upcoming film.

“…Ane Crabtree [the costume designer] asking me what my body does on my moon — which I realized meant my period — so she can make adjustments for me,” Hathaway shares.

However, the actress admits that she can’t go all out with the praises when it comes to Hollywood’s shift towards progression. “There is so much more body inclusivity — which is great! — but the thin thing is definitely still the centralized ‘normal’ expectation.”

Anne Hathaway has been a mainstay in Hollywood since starring in Disney’s 2001 flick The Princess Diaries with Dame Julie Andrews. Her role as Princess Mia launched her into fame and made her a household name. Her latest film is The Last Thing He Wanted and will debut on streaming giant Netflix sometime this year.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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