Miki Vicioso shares his thoughts about his graphic design services

Miki Vicioso is the owner of Designer Task, an unlimited graphic design service that make it easy to request high quality, hassle-free design work. His business offers design work for a wide range of functions, covering everything from company logos to getting the right youtube thumbnail size.

Miki answered some questions about his business.

What is one of your businesses greater achievements?

One of Designer Task greatest achievement was to be able to streamline the process on how a customer orders graphic, with a simple to use interface and how our designers after receiving the customer requests to deliver different versions for them to choose from. We also focused a lot on how our notifications work since we all get busy with life and sometimes the feedback is not there. By implementing specific timing for these notifications, we manage to keep a proper workflow between customers and designers to deliver fast and effective graphics.

What requests does your graphic design businesses offer?

Our main business model is focus on the tem “task”, this describes to a design request.  One task is one request for a design. Each design comes with unlimited changes until you’re fully satisfied.  You can request graphics such as free shipping graphics, social media graphics, coupon graphics, any social media graphics, flyers, web banner ads, email headers, email signatures, t-shirt designs, eBook covers, podcast covers, letterheads, snap chat geo filters, Instagram stories graphics and more.

Where do you see Designer Task in the near future?

In the near future we see Designer Task welcoming thousands of new customers, creating even a better experience for them and delivering higher quality graphics at a faster pace.

Explain why Designer Task different to its competitors?

Designer Task is different because we’re a small team of experts’ graphic designer that are focused on the experience and the quality of the graphics we created. We make sure our customers are fully satisfied, we deliver faster and we have a much cheaper price.

What software and tools do you specialise in with your designs?

We use several kind of software depending the task we have to deliver. From Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and more. Whatever it takes to make the customer happy.

After a request has been sent, how long will it take to complete?

Your design first draft will be completed in a 24 hour window but usually within hours before depending how big our graphics queue is at the moment.

As a designer, what has been one of your most challenging obstacles? And how did your business overcome it?

The hardest part at the beginning was to be able to cope with the volume of graphics requested, but once we did this for a longer time, we found system to make us completely over deliver on our promises.

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