Meghan Markle reportedly clashing with the Queen

Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry has been a hot topic over the past few months, with the general public being fuelled by the unconventional nature of the relationship.

Markle, who has been previously married and divorced to another man, is definitely an unconventional candidate for the royal Prince. The former Suits actress is an American and person of colour, both untraditional traits of a royal bride.

Despite this, the public has taken to the new royal bride, as the royal couple’s recent tours around Australia have seen warm responses. The royal couple’s engagement with schools and visits to organisations has demonstrated their kind heartedness.

However, reports have recently emerged of Markle’s clashes with the Queen. Apparently, before the royal wedding, the bride was being difficult over not being able to use her first choice for a tiara.

The royal couple’s first choice, which was reportedly an emerald tiara, was supposedly off-limits due to some uncertainty over its origin.

Meghan eventually ended up wearing a platinum and diamond tiara, despite Prince Harry being insistent that Meghan be able to choose the accessory she wanted. Apparently, Meghan had her heart set on wearing the emerald tiara, resulting in a heated exchange with the Queen.

The Queen reportedly stated that Meghan could not have anything she wanted, and that she had to accept whatever the Queen chose for her. The Queen also questioned why Markle needed a veil for the wedding as it was her second marriage.

Despite such reports, interviews with Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, have claimed that her wedding tiara was chosen after visiting Buckingham Palace with her beau to view the options.

There have been reports of Markle’s difficult behaviour due to her being used to working in a Hollywood environment. She has supposedly clashed with the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge over her interactions with the staff.

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