Meet Zameel Ali: maker of the solar powered backpack

Waterproof, solar powered and theft-proof, this is the backpack for the adventurers at heart. If you’re looking for a modern-day replacement for your old bag, look no further than Kingsons Official.

We all know the frustration that comes with having our smartphones or laptops running out of battery without having access to a charger. This bag means that you’ll never have to worry about this happening again – it uses the power of the sun!

We spoke to Zameel to find out more about this unique brand and what it took to get to this point.

Zameel, tell us about what motivates you. How did you get the idea to start Kingsons? Where does your inspiration come from?

Answer: I think our backpacks emerged out of the intersection between a love of adventure and a love of practical, forward-thinking design. We asked ourselves what a backpack of the future would look like, and we found it: self-sustaining, durable, and theft & weather-resistant. What makes it particularly interesting is that it works well for city folk and more hardcore outdoorsy types – it can charge your smartphone while you’re at work, but it can also protect your gear during a rainy hiking trip.

Designing a backpack takes time. Walk us through how you do it. What considerations do you make? How you decide on the materials and construction?

Answer: We begin with the materials – and we knew that for this backpack’s purposes, they needed to be durable and water-resistant. We use our knowledge and experience to back-up every decision we make. We then brainstorm design solutions, taking into consideration the materials and needs of the bag. This included working out how to ensure it was protective and anti-theft.

What’s your daily backpack? Why is this a ‘go to’ choice for you?

Answer: Personally, I use the Kingsons Beam backpack – I take it everywhere. It’s solar-powered, has a USB port, is secure and has a really modern-looking design. And of course, it fits absolutely everything; my laptop, cards, phone – even my gym gear! I see it as the backpack of the future. I get a lot of comments on it, too – people love it! They want to know where I got it, ha-ha.

What design flaws are you hoping to change and tackle in your backpacks? Are there specific individuals you tailor your products towards?

Answer: I don’t see flaws as much as possibilities. We are constantly working on new designs and releasing new models in response to customer feedback and wishes, ensuring to stay on-trend. We tailor our products towards commuters but also travelers, ensuring that each model is comfortable, stylish, well-fitting and practical.


We would like to give a big thanks to Zameel for speaking with us. Kingsons Official is a modern, state-of-the art backpack company specialising in solar-powered, ergonomic, weather-resistant and theft-proof designs. The bags are perfect for students, workers and travellers alike. To see more, visit their website to browse the catalogue. They offer worldwide shipping and great bargains.

Mike Smith
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