Lady Gaga goes back to her roots in Stupid Love music video

Well, she’s back! Stupid Love marks Lady Gaga’s first solo endeavor after three years and at the same time went back to her flamboyant and peculiar fashion style.

The new single immediately blew up Twitter as it trended worldwide with a big assist from her Little Monsters.

Three years. It has been three years since Gaga dished out a single for the world to marvel and appreciate, doing it while donning her trademark quirky look that legitimized her being ‘on of a kind’ and help her catapult into stardom when she first broke into the scene.

Stupid Love doesn’t only serve you the classic Lady Gaga look but at the same time, the track also has that vintage Lady Gaga tune to it, with a message of empowerment peppered with her wild and obscure performance all throughout Stupid Love’s music video. Describing her costumes in the music video avant-garde is an understatement. In a world where artists have been treading the obscure and peculiar in terms of their music and fashion style, it was about time that the queen shows them how it’s really done.

The music video’s theme is if you dump a whole lot of pinks and blues on a futuristic dystopic movie with dance battles between feuding clans in a desert ala Mad Max. The leaders of all the clans have their own unique look, probably suggesting different styles that Gaga had donned in the past that has a flavor of alien written all over it.

Every second of the music video has the different incarnations of Gaga leading their clans battling for dominance in this oddly colorful desert wasteland with that eighties Technicolor vibe which makes it more creative and entertaining, and you can easily tell that she is all in on her performance in the video.

Gaga returning to her roots is a breath of fresh air given that she has been more subtle in terms of her recent endeavors, specifically her budding career as an actress, dishing out great performances in film collaborations with the likes of Bradley Cooper. Her little monsters are probably happy that she’s come back to her old ways and the character that everybody fell in love with over a decade ago.

Her sixth album is still under wraps and the Poker Face singer has been very discreet on when it’ll be dropping but if this new single is an indicator of what’s to come, fans around the world will definitely eat it up once it’s released. And oh, awards. Probably lots and lots of awards and accolades again.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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