Martin Scorsese considers making “The Irishman” his last film

Martin Scorsese has earned his place among the ranks of the most prolific filmmakers of our time. With his string of successful films that have spanned decades, the director has cemented his work in pop culture. Often referred to as the king of gangster films, Scorsese has churned out countless classics including The Departed, Taxi Driver, Gangs of New York and The Wolf of Wall Street.

While The Wolf of Wall Street was one massive movie production-wise (and in the box office), his last film The Irishman might be the most ambitious to date. Its storyline spans decades of time and features high-tech de-aging methods and it’s backed by Netflix. If we may say, it’s one way to get out with a hell of a bang and Scorsese might think so to.

While The Irishman is expected to rake in big nominations for this forthcoming Awards Season, it’s sure to make headlines once more. But the most crucial story to film buffs might be this one. Scorsese has openly considered the possibility of retiring saying:

“Obviously, we have been discussing this a lot, that theatres have been commandeered by superhero films – you know, just people flying around and banging and crashing, which is fine if you want to see it. It’s just that there’s no room for another kind of picture. I don’t know how many more I can make – maybe this is it. The last one. So the idea was to at least get it made and maybe show it for one day at the NFT, maybe one day at the Cinémathèque in Paris. I’m not kidding.”

The movie has made buzz since its conception and it’s been a staple on the headlines since. The movie itself, the actors and the director himself has had their fair share of press attention. Recently, Scorsese drew flack for disregarding superhero films and claiming these weren’t “cinema” — much to the chagrin and pettiness of director James Gunn.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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