Mark Ruffalo says it “would be amazing” to be on Parasite series adaptation

Rumor has it HBO is eyeing Mark Ruffalo to star in the limited series adaptation of the Oscar-winning South Korean film, “Parasite.” And the actor wants them to know that he’s absolutely on board if they’re going to approach him for it.

“That would be amazing,” Ruffalo told TMZ while heading to LAX the next day after attending the 92nd Academy Awards.

“He’s amazing. I love him,” he adds about the film’s director Bong Joon-Ho who took home the Academy for Best Director at the Oscars. Ruffalo continued, “His speech last night was incredible. It’s an amazing movie. I’d be honored to be able to play something in that.”

While this isn’t a confirmation that he’s actually going to be in the HBO project, it’s giving fans a sense of assurance that he’s absolutely down to get in on the action.

The Parasite American limited series adaptation is still in early development stages according to Collider who first reported the news of Ruffalo’s possible involvement. Casting hasn’t started for the series and its script hasn’t been finalized.

Director Joon-Ho will be working with fellow Oscar-winner Adam Mckay on the series which will reportedly release five or six episodes. It will be based on Joon-Ho and Han Jin-Won’s Oscar-winning script. So far, further details about the series are kept closely under wraps.

HBO has responded to Collider’s report in a statement saying, “The HBO limited series inspired by Parasite is in the early stages of development, and to speculate on any characters or casting is wildly premature.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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