Lucas the Spider set for a Cartoon Network/Boomerang series

Cake Entertainment and Warner Bros. inked a worldwide distribution deal for a “Lucas the Spider” animated series. Set at Cartoon Network and Boomerang — both subsidiaries of Warner Bros. Entertainment — the upcoming series received a season order of 78 installments spanning seven minutes.

Lucas the Spider is a viral web series with shorts, posted on video-sharing platform YouTube, that turned its titular character into an internet sensation. The CGI series follows an adorably curious tiny spider and his short adventures around the house he lives in. Its tv series will expand on Lucas’ world, allowing him to explore the world further and meet new buddies along the way.

Since Lucas the Spider was released back in 2017, its YouTube channel has gained over 3 million subscribers and 300 million views for all its posted videos.

Lucas’ overnight fame brought the character into the real world with plush dolls and toys bearing his likeness. Fresh TV — which acquired the YouTube series in 2018 — will still produce original shorts alongside

Originally created by California-based animator Joshua Slice, “Lucas the Spider” has quickly become a licensing smash, inspiring a series of plush dolls and toys bearing the titular character’s likeness. Fresh TV acquired the property in 2018 and will continue to produce original YouTube shorts alongside the forthcoming television episodes.

Fresh TV president and executive producer Tom McGillis said in a statement:

“We are so excited to take the magic of ‘Lucas the Spider’ to the next level. Together, we will deepen the already special relationship Lucas has with his millions of fans around the world.”


Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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