Man apprehended after attempting to break into David Schwimmer’s home

Eric Rosa, a twenty-nine year old man was apprehended by the police for breaking into actor David Schwimmer’s New York townhouse this past Sunday according to New York Post sources.

An NYPD spokesperson reported that Rosa was arrested around 12:30 am for criminal trespass and weapon possession, with the twenty-nine year old having had a brick on hand when he was arrested by the authorities.

Law enforcement sources also added that Rosa managed to make his way up a high ledge beside Schwimmer’s residence and fell into the actor’s backyard. Sources also indicated that Rosa was intoxicated and lost his footing while trying to traverse in between townhouses.

According to reports from TMZ that after falling into the actor’s backyard, Rosa picked up a brick and used it to break one of the Friends star’s windows, and according to the police, this was a poor attempt on Rosa’s part to get someone’s attention because he needed help getting out of there. This immediately got the attention of someone inside the residence and dialed 911 with police immediately dispatched to the scene. According to the NYPD, Rosa has also been previously charged with larceny back in 2014.

TMZ also reported that the Friends actor was not at home when the incident happened.

Oddly enough, the actor who has been recently featured on shows like Will and Grace and the Netflix movie, the Laundromat was tethered to news August of last year when a serial thief named Abdulah Husseini who strongly resembled the actor was caught in Blackpool, England for theft and other fraudulent activities.

Schwimmer has yet to release a statement about the incident as of this moment.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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