Henry Golding has a “phenomenal” G.I Joe spinoff for fans

Speaking to ET at the New York premiere Golding describes Snake Eyes saying: “Amazing! It is phenomenal.”

As for how the project is coming together he said:

“Like, the stuff that we’ve prepared for everyone, I’m being beat up on a regular basis. So, I’m barely on crutches at the moment… I cannot wait for people to actually see it.”
Henry Golding has something exciting in store for fans. The actor teased his upcoming G.I. Joe spinoff movie, Snake Eyes.

The actor offered updates on the film as he spoke to Entertainment Tonight’s Nischelle Turner at the premiere of his holiday flick Last Christmas. The romantic comedy also stars Emilia Clark and his Crazy Rich Asians co-star Michelle Yeoh.

It was first reported that Golding was in talks for the titular role of Snake Eyes back in August. The film will see Golding star as a masked ninja commando who mysteriously never speaks. Filming continued this month in Vancouver, Canada according to ET.

“We’ve got a little holiday break, but I’m still going to be keeping fit,” Golding said of the grueling role. “Physically, super, super demanding. I’ve never experienced anything like it,” he added.

The actor also revealed when filming is expected to end saying, “I think we’re gonna finish around February. Hopefully, we stay on track for an October release.”

Since his breakout role in Crazy Rich Asians, Golding’s acting career has been on a roll. He starred in A Simple Favor alongside Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively. Now he has a slew of upcoming films including The Gentleman.

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