Maddox Jolie-Pitt breaks his silence on strained relationship with Brad Pitt

Maddox Jolie-Pitt has quite an indifferent response when he was asked about his relationship with dad Brad Pitt.

An insider from In Touch magazine had a rare chance of catching Maddox while he was taking a stroll around the Yonsei University campus in Seoul, South Korea. The recently released video showed Maddox answering a few questions from the interviewer.

When the teen was asked about the possibility of his A-list dad visiting him in Seoul, he remains uncertain saying, “I don’t know about that, what’s happening. ”

Maddox was then asked if their father and son relationship is “over” his indifferent response was: “Whatever happens, happens.”

It looks like Maddox and his dad hasn’t quite gotten along following Angelina’s divorce from Brad. Something that seemed to be hinted at when Angelina dropped him off to college while Brad was nowhere to be seen.

The father and son’s strained relationship reportedly stemmed from a fight between Brad and Angie back in 2016. Multiple outlets reported that the argument turned into a physical confrontation between Brad and Maddox. The FBI was later involved in an investigation of the incident but Brad was cleared of any charges.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor admitted that he was drunk at the time but denied laying hands on his eldest son. Recently, Brad revealed that he joined Alcoholics Anonymous as he struggled to achieve sobriety following his split from Angelina.

Entertainment Tonight previously reported that Brad and Angelina’s relationship has improved in terms of their co-parenting efforts. “Their relationship has improved a great deal,” a source told the outlet.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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