Maddison Brown addresses her relationship with Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth and Maddison Brown was seen kissing each other last October, and now the actress has finally addressed their dating rumors, kind of.

It has been a roller coaster of a year for Liam Hemsworth during his time with ex-wife Miley Cyrus. Hemsworth broke the news that he has broken up with Cyrus last August and has been keeping a low profile after the announcement.

It was reported by various sources that the actor had gone back to Australia to spend time with his family but was seen a handful of times looking like he was still reeling from his relationship with the pop star.

The winds changed as Hemsworth was photographed in New York City being intimate in public with Dynasty actress Maddison Brown that went viral immediately. A source close to the situation said that Hemsworth and Brown was having a good time getting to know each other after mutual friends introduced the two to each other and that their relationship was new.

Hemsworth is apparently taking his relationship with the actress slow this time, and is absolutely interested in Brown, the source added and that they made a really adorable couple. The details regarding the relationship between Hemsworth and Brown had been kept very discreet ever since the two of them were spotted in New York kissing, and according to the actress, it is likely going to stay that way.

Speaking in a recent interview with Confidential, Brown was very chill when it came to talking about his relationship with Hemsworth. Brown stated that she will not be answering any questions regarding her personal life when asked about dating the actor and said that it was a rule to not talk about her personal life.

The actress also shared that she understood fully well that being a public personality can make many people curious about her dating life. Brown added that she sees fame as being part of the line of work she is in and is something that she has never actively pursued which makes her part of the minority of people in Hollywood who actually is working on the arts and are not focusing so much with the popularity and fame than most people seek.

Brown also stated that she understood people wanting to gossip because it is part of human nature and it does not bother her a lot and just doesn’t pay any attention to it. This proves that the new couple doesn’t have any plans to make their dating life public, a total 360 from Hemsworth’s former relationship with Cyrus.

When the actress spoke to the Daily Telegraph, she stated that privacy has become a luxury given that people have been overly active on social media posting everything that’s happening in their lives especially when you have a huge following that will see everything posted. The actress added that she is trying to be mindful of what to post on her social media and not overshare details of her personal life.

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