Korean actor Cha In-Ha found dead, third celebrity death in 2 months

Korean star Cha In-Ha has tragically passed away. The actor was twenty-seven years old.

Multiple sources reported that the actor was found dead in his home by his manager and the cause of death has yet to be released and is currently under investigation.

Fantagio, the entertainment agency released a statement following the young actor’s untimely death. The statement said that the company is sincerely broken-hearted in sharing the sad news to all the people who had supported and followed the actor regarding his tragic and untimely passing on December 3rd.

The company also pleaded news outlets to refrain from spreading rumors regarding the current predicament for the sake of the actor’s family. The actor’s friends and family will hold a private funeral service and has asked everyone for privacy in this very difficult time.

The showrunners on the currently running television series that the actor was part of, People With Flaws also released their own statement on the current situation saying that they are trying to get a better understanding of what happened to the actor

Cha In-Ha first made a big splash when he joined Korean group Surprise U and went on to transition into acting and was part of a number of South Korean TV shows like Love with Flaws, Are You Human, and The Banker.

South China Morning Post who has also reported on the tragic news interviewed a South Korean resident Kim Dae-han who shared that it was very tragic that someone as young as him (also 27-years-old) had passed away all of a sudden that made him really sad, and shared his thoughts about South Korean celebrities being in pain even with the facade of a fancy life.

The South Korean resident also said that there are many cases where parents want their children to become celebrities and entertainers to be one themselves, adding that he hopes that management companies would take responsibility for their young talent and provide counselors for regular therapy for those that need it.

The actor’s death has been the third in a terrifying string of celebrity death’s in South Korea that started with the popular pop star and actress Sulli who had passed away by reportedly taking her own life and was just 25-years-old. Another pop star, Goo Hara, passed away just last week with foul play being ruled out by the authorities.

Goo Hara and Sulli have been honest and vocal about their apparent mental health issues with Goo Hara apologized to her fans for distressing them from an attempted suicide. South Korean media outlets have reported that both female entertainers have been subjected to massive online abuse and cyber-bullying by critics and fans alike prior to their passing. Forbes reported that Kakao Corp and Navar, two of the biggest South Korean web hosting sites are now thinking of revamping their social sharing systems.

It is yet unclear whether the actor had shared a similar experience to the two pop stars prior his death, Cha had posted on his Instagram saying ‘Everybody, watch out.’


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