Latest episode of NCIS suggests Ziva may be alive

NCIS’ Ziva David may still be alive if this week’s episode is anything to go off.

While the character did not feature in the episode in person, a note left for Eleanor Bishop suggests that she may still be alive.

The episode followed a case that Ziva had been investigating up until her alleged death in Season 13.

Bishop took a keen interest in the case and found an office that Ziva had previously rented out; the office was filled with notebooks expressing Ziva’s feelings on each case she had worked on.

Bishop used these notebooks to find a potential suspect and help further the case. Upon finding the suspect, she found a note left for her in Ziva’s old office, stating: “Eleanor Bishop, for the safety of my family, please keep my secret.”

The note, along with the fact that the office had been rearranged, suggests that Ziva may still be alive and is in hiding.

Ziva was believed to have died when a mortar attack destroyed her house in Israel. While her daughter Tali survived, Ziva’s body was not found. As a result, Tali’s father Tony DiNozzo left NCIS in order to care for his daughter.

Cote de Pablo left the show in Season 11 in what she said was a personal decision, though her reasons were left relatively vague. Her character was replaced by Emily Wickersham as Bishop.

Whether the actress will return to the show is unknown, though suggesting that she is alive and not having her come back seems odd.

The show continues to be hugely popular since its initial broadcast in 2003, largely in part due to the colourful and quirky personalities of its lead characters. It is considered to be the most watched drama worldwide, with over 55 million viewers.

Season 16 of NCIS is currently screening on 10 Bold on Wednesdays at 7:35pm.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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