Lady Gaga proposed to herself on Valentines Day as a sign of self-love

People are forgetting that its Lady Gaga. She does these things almost constantly years ago.

The media have been covering Gaga’s current stunt like she hasn’t done some of the wackiest things that it has been a branding by now. Some people even said that her whole look was taken from Madonna in the past and now some are akin her latest stunt to the time when Dennis Rodman wore a wedding dress, veil and all and married himself.

The entire thing is her collaboration with Klarna, a shopping service that has a campaign called Get What You Love, an endeavor that encourages people to propose their love in whatever way, shape, or form they want to express it. Lady Gaga posted a photo of her with her ring on Instagram, with a caption explaining an old tradition that only during leap years can women propose to men and that since its 2020 any gender identity to propose to anyone and thus, her putting a ring on her own finger as a sign of self-love.

The ring (which looks amazing by the way,) was made by Gaga’s longtime friend, B. Åkerlund who is also a fashion activist. The symbolism of the ring dubbed the Knight Finger is the expression of love by anyone in their own terms towards whoever they wished to propose to. The ring is also created to inspire people to love without fear or prejudice in people’s own terms while moving forwards from outdated traditions so people can define their own future.

Gaga also added that it was exciting for her to work with her friend on celebrating how far the world has come as a culture and has voiced out that the development needs to continue. She also noted that the notion of women being able to propose to a man once every four years is archaic and ridiculous and decided to say yes to herself.

Despite ‘putting a ring on it’, Gaga posted again on Instagram, this time with her new man Michael Polansky making them official. Gaga and the entrepreneur and Harvard alum were seen during the Super Bowl weekend together in Miami.

Polansky has been known as her mystery man since the two were spotted together during New Year’s eve and was also spotted displaying their love in Vegas and it seems like Gaga is very happy right now in her life, self-love and all.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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