Sophie Turner is expecting her first child with husband Joe Jonas

The Queen in the North is pregnant and is with child.

You’ve read that right, Sophie Turner is pregnant with her first child with husband Joe Jonas. E! News has reported the news after many of their sources have told them about the news.

An insider from E! News has said that the Game of Thrones and X-Men actress has been keen on picking the outfits to wear both in the red carpet and in other events to shelter the changes in her body as she carries their first baby, a discrete and clever move by Turner.

The couple’s last appearance together was during the recently concluded 2020 Grammy Awards last January when they were seen walking the red carpet together. Before that Jonas and Turner were seen during the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards.

During the Grammys, the Jonas Bros performed their fresh hit single What a Man Gotta Do, with the former Sansa Stark seen dancing on her seat while the trio rocked it on stage.

In the past two years, two out of three Jonas Brothers have tied the knot with their leading ladies. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner who had multiple weddings, the first of which was back May of last year in Las Vegas, Nevada with an Elvis Impersonator overseeing their wedding vows and a formal ceremony in France a month later. The other Jo-Bro is Nick Jonas who married actress Priyanka Chopra back in December of 2018 and a Jo-Bro baby is now inbound.

E! News also reported that Turner and Jonas have been keeping the news of their baby hush hush but that did not stop their families to be overly excited about the news and have been picky with their public appearances.

The couple was engaged back in 2017 after seeing each other for just over a year. During an interview with Rolling Stone, the Game of Thrones actress never expected that she would be tying the knot in her early twenties before she met Jonas. In another interview, at the time with Glamour UK, she expressed that she is extremely happy with Jonas.

Even though the news has been broken out globally, neither Joe nor Sophie has made an official statement regarding their pregnancy and given that the two especially Turner being extremely discreet about the situation, we might not hear anything anytime soon until we finally see that first baby bump photo.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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