Labor MP Anne Aly clears up her citizenship doubts

In yet another blow in the citizenship saga, with Katy Gallagher being ruled ineligible to sit in parliament by the High Court this week, Labor backbencher Anne Aly has put out a letter that appears to vindicate her eligibility to sit in parliament.

This follows 3 Labor MPs and one Centre Alliance MP resigning in the wake of the decision on Katy Gallagher. Dr Aly had been born in Egypt but immigrated to Australia when she was 2 with her parents.

Dr Aly has since put out a letter from the Egyptian embassy in Canberra proving that she had renounced her citizenship in Egypt on May 6, 2016 citing that she had carried out “all the steps” required of her.

The letter appears to show that Dr Aly lost her citizenship in Egypt when she formally became an Australian citizen.

Labor has continued in raising queries about the eligibility of Jason Falinski, a Liberal MP due to his dual citizenship with Poland. However, Mr Falinksi has said he received a letter from Polish officials that said he was not entitled to Polish citizenship.

Prime Minster Malcom Turnbull was quick to defend Mr Falinksi, stating that he had given “evidence” that he was only a citizen of Australia.

Soon to be announced are the by-elections necessary to replace the seats of the 5 MP’s who have so far been disqualified for failing to renounce their dual citizenship before being nominated for Parliament.

For the seat in Peth, Labor has elected Patrick Gorman to run. Mr Gorman would be replacing Tim Hammond who retired to spend more time with his new family.

Prime Minister Turnbull downplayed the chances of the coalition winning in the by-elections, citing that they normally “swing against the Government”. He went on to say the only known of one occasion where a by-election was won by the reigning government.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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