Kevin Smith: Martin Scorsese Created the Biggest Superhero Movie Ever Made

One of modern cinema’s most revered directors Martin Scorsese, voiced out his argument against superhero movies and it’s still making the rounds since last week. The legendary director sparked a huge debate during an interview with Empire, when he stated that he tried but  failed to get up to date with modern day superhero movies, specifically the ones produced by Marvel and akin them to theme parks and not actual films.

This has led to some outrage both from fans and celebrities alike that has since jumped in to refute Scorsese’s claims. One personality however, took a different approach in addressing the Goodfellas director’s opinion. During an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, director and comic book writer Kevin Smith took some time to address the legendary director’s comments.

“Martin Scorsese has made such wonderful movies, he’s been doing the job since I was a kid. I’m not going to sit here and be like, ‘I know better than him‘. Those are his feelings.”

He continued: “I would say this, and I won’t be countering Mr. Scorsese. But! Martin Scorsese created perhaps the biggest superhero movie ever made. Think about it.” Smith, alluding to the 1988 film The Last Temptation of Christ which Scorsese directed.

“Last Temptation of Christ is a superhero movie. I’m not diminishing Jesus in any stretch of the imagination but, who is Jesus if not a superhero?” the director added.

Smith’s interview went on to discuss how Scorsese almost produced Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix.

“I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve seen the trailer and it’s like wow, this looks like a Martin Scorsese movie.” he commented.

When asked about his opinion why Scorsese made the comments, Smith went in-depth and personal.

“Martin Scorsese probably doesn’t have the emotional attachment to his movies that I do. When he sees these superhero movies, he sees a theme park. When I see those movies, that is the closest I get to being with my dad at a movie theater.” He explained, pertaining to his time spent with his father watching superhero movies in the theater when he was younger.

“That is the closest I get to that feeling sitting next to my father. For those 2-3 hours in the movies, he’s there. I got to see a different version of my father in the movies. Its where I saw him be the most relaxed.”

Smith further explained how he grew up reading comic books as a boy, which led him to the career he is in now. “Getting to see them (superheroes) again written large for everybody to enjoy. that turns my clock back. ”

When asked about superhero movies being ‘theme parks’ instead of actual films, Smith had one thing to say: “It’s meant to provoke a feeling. Those movies provoke deep feelings in me. So I respect his opinion but I don’t think he has the same emotional attachment that a lot of us have. It’s the men and the women that we relate to, not the ‘super’ part.”

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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