Joycelyn Savage tells all about relationship with R. Kelly

Joycelyn Savage, one of the girls that had a relationship with singer R. Kelly appears to be turning on the singer for the first time.

Savage returned to Instagram last Saturday and shared that she would be detailing her experience on Patreon, a paid membership platform.

In her Patreon account, Savage shared who she was, and said that when she was 23 years old she was forced to do a lot of things. She is here to tell her story and disclose information and secrets that she swore not to tell anybody but is willing to risk everything regarding R. Kelly.

Gerald Griggs, the Savage family lawyer went on an interview regarding the Joycelyn Savage claims regarding Kelly to address the ongoing situation. Griggs stated that the family has reached out to that account to get an in-person meeting with Joycelyn if it is truly her and has said that they are confident that they will eventually make contact with the girl.

The Savage family lawyer added that they are very appreciative that certain facts are now confirmed through the Patreon post that Joycelyn was, in fact, a victim in the two and a half years that she was with the singer and that the family was glad that she is finally reaching out and trying to tell the real story of what happened.

Griggs further explained that the family is working hard to ensure that the girl is physically and emotionally taken care of. But if the crime has indeed been committed, the information disclosed will be reported to the proper authorities because Joycelyn has now indicated that she is, in fact, a victim and the main goal now is to reconnect Joycelyn with her family.

Kelly met Savage during a concert back in 2015 when Savage was just nineteen years old. Earlier this year in an interview with Gayle King, Savage stated that she was in a relationship with the singer, to which her parents disputed that she was brainwashed. In an official statement, Steve Greenberg, Kelly’s lawyer said that Savage regurgitated the lies and stories that were told by other women for her own personal gain. Greenberg added that they knew the real facts and that things went downhill when the money ran out.

Kelly is currently incarcerated in Chicago while he waits for his trial on sexual abuse towards underaged girls which the singer has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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