Halsey claps back at Grammys during her AMA acceptance speech

Halsey went in on the Grammys during her acceptance speech at the 2019 American Music Awards.

The singer took a page from the Taylor Swift clap back handbook when she gave her American Music Awards acceptance speech. The singer-songwriter was snubbed during the Grammys and took on to Twitter to air her frustrations out. The Grammy nominees list was released last November 20th, and while the likes of Billie Eilish and Lizzo have been nominated in major categories for the awards ceremony, Halsey was evidently missing in all Grammy categories.

Halsey tweeted last Thursday and told her fans to not waste their frustrations due to the majority of them being upset that their idol wasn’t nominated. The singer-songwriter further talked about BTS deleting all the negativity on social media and said that BTS deserved a lot of nominations and the singer said that she was not surprised that the Korean group was not acknowledged in America because the country according to her, is far behind on the Korean movement.

On Sunday during the 2019 American Music Awards where she accepted the award for Favorite Pop-Rock song, which was her first American Music Awards win and immediately made the fans feel how she truly appreciated them while throwing shade the Grammys in the process.

Halsey started off her acceptance speech by talking about validation sharing that when she was little, she thought that winning an award or being nominated was the end all-be all of fame and validity. However, as she grew up and matured, she realized that success is something bigger than just winning awards and later realized that winning these prestigious awards are not what they seem.

She went on thanking the American Music Awards for being the world’s largest fan-voted award ceremony and giving the people’s voice credence. The singer-songwriter went on to say that she will continue making music for everyone.

Sometimes you grow up and the stuff you believed in starts to lose its magic, but music never does“. the singer added that the reason for this is the real artists and real fans that keep the magic alive.

The likes of Lil Nas X and Post Malone applauded her in support during the acceptance speech and Halsey made it clear that the thoughts and opinions of the fans are the most important thing, and that no word will ever define her or make her feel inferior then to what she is as an artist. Taylor Swift appeared to be her biggest supporter during the ceremony as seen by how excited Swift was for Halsey during the event.

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