Jennifer Aniston has a secret crush on Steve Carell

Jennifer Aniston opened up about her The Morning Show co-star, Steve Carell. What does she think of the acclaimed comedian? Read on to know more.

Aniston appeared last Friday on The Talk to discuss Apple’s latest entertainment venture, Apple TV. She is set to star in the exclusive Apple series, The Morning Show with Steve Carell (The Office) and Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde).

While promoting her new Apple TV series, she revealed that her on-set secret crush is actually her co-star Steve Carell. (Which is completely and totally understandable, by the way.)

When the actress was asked why Aniston explained that Carell immediately won the hearts of everyone involved in the show. She told The Talk hosts that “He’s like a silver fox now. And he just came in and no-one expected, you know, it was so cute. And he’s so shy, and fantastic. He gets better with age.” It looks like Carell ages like fine wine and rightfully so since Jennifer Aniston herself has a secret crush on him.

Steve Carell being a total stud isn’t new. Even Harper’s Bazaar noted two years ago that the multitalented Hollywood personality is quite the silver fox. However, let’s not take the crush to seriously and consider it as an honest admiration. Carell is a married man after all.

The actor married him The Office co-star, writer and actress Nancy Carell (née Walls) back in 1995. If she looks familiar, you’ll remember her as Michael Scott’s ex-girlfriend, Carol the realtor.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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