Jennifer Lopez on Oscar nominations: “call me when it’s over”

It looks like Monday’s Oscar nominations announcement is a little too much to handle for one of the most famous people in entertainment. Jennifer Lopez confesses that she wasn’t rushing to find out if she’ll be nominated for not for her performance in “Hustlers.”

Awards season has been kind to Lopez who has raked in Golden Globe and Critic’s Choice Awards nominations for her role as Ramona in the film Hustlers. Recently, 45th Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards Ceremony presented her the Best Supporting Actress of The Year award. Still, the actress and pop star admit she’s is not eyeing the Oscars.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Lopez shared how she feels about the awards season excitement. “I think these things are just a big thrill ride. You know? I don’t know what it is about them. Any way you go. But I’m super happy to be here tonight,” Lopez said.

“[I’m] really flattered that the LA Film Critics chose me as the Best Supporting Actress of the year. That’s a big deal. I feel really honored.”

J.Lo has been receiving Oscar buzz since the premiere of Hustlers. But the star was definitely not in a hurry to find out if the buzz will materialize into an Oscar nod. “No, no, no. No. No. Call me when it’s over,” she said.

While Lopez is out walking red carpets and basking in nominations, this wasn’t the year for her co-star Constance Wu. Despite being the top-billing actress of the film, Wu failed to rake in major nominations. Something that may have something to do with the slew of controversies that plagued her last year.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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