Jeff Horn defends WBO welterweight title in Brisbane

Eager British challenger, Gary Corcoran, gave Jeff Horn a run for his money in the recent fight lasting eleven rounds. The intense event saw Horn come out on top with a final technical knockout, earning him the prestigious victory.

The early rounds were a rocky start for Horn, as he fought to adjust his timing and strategy to the unique fighting style of Corcoran. The match consisted of back and forth struggle between the two boxers, with both men dominating different rounds.

The third round picked up viciousness, as the fighters unleashed powerful blows and the referee urged them to keep the match clean.

After showing visible signs of fatigue, Horn dug deep to win the fifth round, leading to an even ledger. An even seventh round proved controversial, as Horn found his stride and power. As Horn gained momentum, he was brutally shut down by an enormous hit by Corcoran, landing a foul shot after the bell.

The fight continued to the ninth, where the boxers displayed fierce cuts and bruises. Despite their injuries, they battled it out to induce a tenth round, where the match began to fall into the hands of Horn. Horn found a second wind, allowing him to deliver continuous blows to his drained component.

The eleventh round continued in Horn’s favour, with open cuts on Corcoran’s face hindering his vision and focus. After a minute and 35 seconds, Corcoran’s corner threw in the towel, to the elation of the defending champion, Horn.

Corcoran was excited to test out his abilities on the reigning champion and soak up the experience. The fighter commended Horn for his skills post-match, but was adamant that he would learn from the fight and be better prepared in the future.

Horn was stoked to be able to perform and pull out a win in front of an Australian crowd, as well as his eighth month pregnant wife, Jo. The spectators watched on in anticipation, with Horn’s wife feeling the intensity of the event and watching on in angst.

The win comes with a huge relief for Horn and his family, who can now relax over the Christmas period.

The majority of the match made for a very uncertain winner, however in the final rounds, Horn was able to beat the endurance and strength of his component. After a tense 11 rounds, the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre witnessed Horn defend his championship title and prove his palpable strength.

Zac Fyffe
Zac Fyffe
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