Japan death toll rises to 42 in wake of Typhoon Hagibis

Japan sent military troops and rescuers by the tens of thousands on Sunday after one of this year’s largest typhoons left the country in devastation.

Widespread flooding brought about by heavy rains have left around 42 people dead and 15 others missing as of this writing.

The typhoon, named “Hagibis” after the Philippine Tagalog word for “speed”, tore through Japan’s capital Tokyo and areas of the country’s main island Honshu over the weekend. Typhoon Hagibis entered on Saturday as it brought record-breaking rains to many areas of the country.

Come Sunday, over 20 rivers in the central and northeastern areas of Japan had overflowed leaving over a thousand homes in villages, towns, and cities in a massive flood.

Nearly 8 million citizens were advised to evacuate by the Japanese government. However, most ignored calls for evacuation and stayed at home. Others sought safety and headed to shelters. The country’s broadcaster NHK reports that some died on their way to the shelters, including an elderly woman who fell over 100 feet while being airlifted. On Monday, the news outlet reported that 198 people were injured during the typhoon’s onslaught.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressed the losses in a statement to local media saying in a statement:

“I extend my condolences for all those who lost their lives and offer my sympathy to all those impacted by the typhoon.”

“The government will do everything in its power to cooperate with relevant agencies and operators working to restore services as soon as possible,” he added.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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