Inside the career of Zhi Ko, aka NekozTek

If you’re active in the world of TikTok, then chances are you know who Zhi Ko. However, you probably know him by his social media name, NekozTek. If you’re not up to speed on the rise of NekozTek, then you’ve come to the right place. He covers a range of essential topics, including e-sports, gaming and even commentates on things related to the fintech space.

Where can I follow him?

NekozTek is active on several social media platforms. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, to name a few. He has close to six thousand followers on Instagram, while some of his videos on TikTok have chalked up several million views. On Twitter, NekozTek has over seventeen thousand followers.

Noble 5

NekozTek is one of the proud co-founders of Noble 5, which is an organisation that retails a premium mouse explicitly used for gaming and e-sports. Noble 5 consists of a group of close friends, all of whom are committed to developing unique gaming mice and accessories. Using their creativity and technical acumen, the team has designed a variety of new products as their way of contributing to the gaming community.


Moreover, Zhi Ko is a member of Radiance, an e-sports team that has competed in several e-sports competitions. If you want to see some of NekozTek’s insane gaming content, make sure you check out his TikTok page, since that’s where he uploads most of his gaming videos and compilations. Zhi Ko is the partnerships manager at Radiance.

As an entity, Radiance focuses on creating a positive gaming culture – one that is founded on respect, professionalism, friendliness and enjoyment. At the end of the day, gaming is about having fun and socialising with other like-minded gamers. For the team at Radiance, gaming should always be about creating unforgettable experiences, which is why NekozTek only shares content that embodies these characteristics.

What about fintech?

NekozTek is also well-versed in the world of finance and tech. He is currently the COO of Titan Ventures, which is a private firm that has assisted many clients in developing international exposure using cryptocurrencies and blockchain. While cryptocurrencies recently hit their international peak (evidenced in the insane rise of Bitcoin), the continued growth of blockchain technologies will likely see the global economy encounter noticeable structural change over the next few years. NekozTek is a strong opinion leader in this field!

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
Samantha is the head of content, lifestyle and entrepreneurial columnist for Best in Australia. She is also a contributor to Forbes and SH. Prior to joining the Best in Au, she was a reporter and business journalist for local newspapers.
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