The Innovative Approach Of Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry

Traditionally, dental appointments are seen to make individuals wary, intimidated or worried. Many find just the risk that a procedure could be necessary to be anxiety-inducing, despite the positive health outcome it could attain. It’s a feeling that contrasts greatly to the wider medical sector, which has experienced a notable shift towards patient-focused care and holistic solutions.

One of the co-founders of @gorgeoussmilesdentistry is Dr. Minoo Ghamari. She wants to see the day that dentistry is included in the exciting change occurring and believes in a vision for the future seldom seen by others in the industry. Using her clinic as a springboard, she has launched a journey to transform dental patients’ experience one appointment at a time.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Gorgeous Smiles encountered a series of potential obstacles early on. Ghamari’s need to study for her dental examination dominated the company’s prospects due to its necessity for the business’ scalability. Ghamari had recently moved to the country with her mother, also a dentist, and understood that integration into the Australian high street wouldn’t be straightforward. It didn’t help matters that the company had its development significantly slowed due to the 2020 pandemic.

Ghamari’s clinic, which can be found at, aims to take a more considerate approach to its patients, ensuring that clients understand the advantages and processes of dental care. The innovator’s ‘dental spa’ philosophy seeks to provide patients with a positive experience to subvert their likely uncertain expectations.

Compensating for the setbacks caused by the pandemic is Ghamari’s current strategy utilizing digital technology. The professional has taken the opportunities of social media to promote transparency and understanding and has made online cosmetic consultations available to those interested in using her practice. It has resulted in greater appeal for her clinic and business prosperity.

Placing itself at the center of the dental sector’s watershed moment, Gorgeous Smiles holds the potential for limitless expansion in the near future.

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