Top 8 things to look for in a children’s dentist

Let’s agree to the fact that our children are the apples of our eyes. We start preparing for them right from the moment a pregnancy is confirmed. Anything and everything related to our children must be perfect and we will strive to save them any discomfort. Many parents live with this ideology and do their best for their children.

You can get many options when buying outfits or toys for your babies. And if one doesn’t fit or look good, you can opt for the next one. But things get tricky when selecting the right doctor for your kids, especially a dentist. You need to be extra careful because your children’s dental health is as important as their overall health.

How do you know which one of the children’s dentists near you will treat your kid appropriately? For some parents this whole ordeal is overwhelming. And to help ease this situation, we have prepared a list of considerations that can simplify your search for the right children’s dentist.

Here are the 8 things you need to look for in a children’s dentist:

Top 8 things to look for in a children’s dentist

1. Qualifications and licenses

First and foremost, any dentist claiming to be a children’s dentist must possess the appropriate qualifications and licenses to carry out this task. Various recognised institutions provide relevant certifications for dentists who can treat children’s dental issues. The way you find out this is by visiting their website or clinic. Almost all qualified and licensed children’s dentists display their credentials in their clinic or their website or both. Search whether the credentials displayed are valid and haven’t expired.

2. Awareness of children’s dental anxiety

Who isn’t anxious when visiting a dentist, right? Sitting in a dentist’s chair and listening to the sound of the dental drill is a scary experience for most of us. Children are no different. They especially need more pacification than adults. A children’s dentist must be aware and understanding of this fact. You don’t want your children to have scary dental treatment memories that might leave them traumatised for the rest of their lives.

3. A wide range of dental services

Looking for a dentist for children

Children’s dentistry has evolved with time and advancement in technology. The way of treating common and difficult dental ailments have changed for the better. Dentists now focus on providing the utmost comfort to their patients along with treating their teeth. See that the dentist you choose has the latest equipment for treating various children’s dentistry issues. It can save the time and visits required to treat a dental ailment.

4. Welcoming atmosphere

A mundane place with only a few or no displays of dental problems will only raise anxiety in children. Whereas a place filled with colourful displays of teeth in a way children might understand can go a long way in making kids comfortable. Painting some current popular animated characters, providing toys to play in a carefully designed play area, giving them healthy treats after the dental appointment is over, allowing children to hold their favourite soft toy while they are being treated, etc. are some ways to make kids feel welcome at a children’s dental clinic. It can reduce anxiety and your kids may never forget the positive experience.

5. Positive reviews

If you love socialising with other parents at the school or garden, you can ask them about their reviews of their children’s dentist. If not, there may be someone in your family who has experience with children’s dentists. You may also ask the patients at a dentist’s clinic for their reviews or visit the website to read the reviews of parents/guardians of past patients. Combining the information from all trusted sources might give you a clear picture of the services of a children’s dentist. Go for the one with the highest ratings.

6. A dentist that cares

Empathy is an important trait you want to see in your children’s dentist. When children are treated by a dentist who cares for their dental health, it shows in their smiles. We need not send our children to dentists who are just working to fill their bank accounts. We need children’s dentists who actually love doing their job and strive to make your child’s dental health better.

7. Location

Children's dentist

Another important consideration when choosing the right children’s dentist might be to analyse the location of their clinics. A clinic located in close proximity to your home or workplace may be more comfortable for you to visit. Taking time to visit a faraway dental clinic might not be a preference during any dental emergencies either. Make sure you can easily reach the dentist when required. Choose a distant clinic only if there are no satisfactory children’s dental clinics in your locality. Also, see if they provide emergency assistance when needed.

8. Consultation

All the above considerations can be confirmed or reviewed by visiting a children’s dental clinic in person. List all the clinics you think might be right for your children’s dental treatment and visit them once. You can know everything you want to know about the children’s dentist by talking to the other patients present there, studying their credentials, talking to the dental staff, and consulting the children’s dentist him/herself. You are free to ask all the questions that you need to be answered and then decide the best children’s dentist for your kids.

The takeaway:

As a parent, you may never be satisfied when looking for a dentist for your children. You may not want to rely on a single source as a reference. Make sure you have all the required answers before taking your child in for dental treatment.

We understand your worries. Following the above list of precautions or considerations before selecting the right dentist for your child may help you make a better choice.

Nishant Vaishnav
Nishant Vaishnav
Dr. Nishant Vaishnav is the principal dentist at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice. He believes in providing his patients with the highest quality of dentistry. Dr. Nishant takes pride in his work and endeavours to help everyone achieve a great smile and healthy mouth. He had completed his bachelors graduate degree (B.D.S) in year 2000. He finished his Masters Degree (M.D.S.) in Periodontics (Treating Gum Disease) in year 2004. Also, he has been awarded with Fellowship of International Congress Oral Implantologist (FICOI) and a member of ITI (International Team for Implantology).
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