Ideas for a perfect fun wedding

Weddings are the most important day in the lives of the couple. The event is flooded with people and love. There is happiness in the air. People present at the wedding ceremony bestow showers of blessings on the couple. The atmosphere is boisterous and filled with laughter.

The couples, as well as the guests, have the time of their life at a wedding. When the people look back, the day should be filled with memories. And having fun together is the maximum extent of creating some awesome and beautiful memories that can be cherished later.

The element of fun in a wedding

A wedding is supposed to be a solemn occasion and also a serene one. But, a wedding is also a great big reunion of family and friends and is the perfect time for some fun and noise. The guests can arrange some special surprise for the couple like planning special gifts or cutting a cake. Introducing an element of fun adds to the joy of both the couple as well as the other guests, making the day memorable.

What can be done about fun?

The guests can work together or in batches to make the day a fun-filled one. Here are some ways in which the guests can make the day a memorable one.

  • Burst poppers or shower petals during the exchange of rings: This idea could be incorporated in a hassle-free manner by the guests. They can shower flowers on the guests from above so that it looks like a page out of fairy tale. Even after that, they can burst poppers and make some noise for the couple and their happily-ever-after.
  • Introduce another sub-event to the main event: Little things can bring joy to the wedding ceremony. The friends of the groom or bride can get-together and arrange for a cake cutting ceremony. This will find a place in the hearts of the couple and also in a wedding photo album. When they look back, they are sure to find awesome memories.
  • Plan a group gift: This is a good idea when the guests want to gift something memorable as well as useful. This group gift will be cherished by them and is definitely bound to find a special place in their home and hearts.

The emotional aspect of fun

Even though the fun element in a wedding involves a lot of laughter and noise, it can bring tears to the eyes of the couple too. The moments can be emotional as they signify a very close bond between the guests and the people of the day. They will be cherished forever. The fun and noise add to the joy and tears of the day.

Any attempt to make the moments special will often make the people emotional. And if it’s a wedding, it’s doubly so, because it is a very special day in the lives if the couple that cannot be lived twice. The fun and the noise can never be forgotten as it is the way of reliving the moments after the ceremony is over.

Why is it important to plan in advance?

It is important to plan the fun in advance so that the people keep their schedule free for the day and do not miss out on the fun. Also, by letting the event manager or the wedding planner know about what’s going on, one can ensure that the timing is not messed up- it does not coincide with any other important program or alter the timings of the other programs, but rather should be incorporated seamlessly in the flow of events.

It is always good to let someone from the host’s side know of the surprise element so that they can keep it in the dark by not letting anyone from their side ask too many questions.

Plan out the fun elements well in advance and have a really fun and blast during the wedding ceremony!

Mark Jack
Mark Jack
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