Huskymag helps lovers of the big dogs to share pictures and tips

Marion Qungeli runs the Facebook page Huskymag, which is dedicated to posting pictures and videos of huskies that are sent in by his followers. It also helps husky owners to find a community that can help them to take care of their pets and that they can ask for advice about raising their dog in a loving and healthy environment.

Additionally, 6 huskies have so far been rescued by the dog lovers behind the page. 1.8 million people from all over the world follow Huskymag on Facebook, meaning that it has widespread appeal – and showing that people really like pictures and videos of cute dogs!

Marion, how did you get involved with Huskymag?

We started Huskymag as Husky Puppies in 2017; at the time I had 1 Husky named Mag, and now I have two. Every admin is a husky owner.

After a few posts, one of our videos went viral with over 40m views and 1m shares. We were growing so fast and people were asking for more content when we realised that Husky Mag (i.e. my husky named Mag) also sounds like Husky Magazine! That’s it! We changed the name to Huskymag and registered it at a Kansas government office.

Do you have similar pages on other social media platforms?

Yes, we are on most popular social media websites like Instagram, where we post photos submitted by our followers, YouTube and TikTok.

Is Huskymag the only Facebook page you run?

I am also working with Being, a News/Media Company based in the UK which is in its first steps but growing fast.

How many people are responsible for managing the page?

Currently HuskyMag is managed by my brother and I and our two partners
Lexi Schmidtlein & Logan Wolfley. To keep the page running smoothly we all have assigned tasks such as recording and editing video footage, responding to messages, collecting submissions and posting throughout the day. As we continue to grow we will be training more people to join our team in the future.

How many submissions would you usually get in a day from people who want to share videos of their dog?

Husky owners submit their photos and videos in different ways through direct message, email and tags on Instagram. We try our best to feature everyone but with so many submissions we ultimately have to choose what we know our audience wants to see based on quality and content.

For those who don’t get the chance to be featured, we run a Husky Puppies Group where owners can share their dog photos and videos with the other 100k+ members!

Do you have any plans for future changes or expansions to the page/product line?

We currently have offices in Albania (Europe) and Kansas (USA) but we are constantly looking for more partners and investors to expand further, and connect with more people around the world.

Thank you Marion for sharing your thoughts!
You can follow up with Marion Qungeli at or get in touch at

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