Marlene Hanusa offers intuitive massage treatments and holistic healing

Marlene Hanusa is the owner and operator of Hanusa Massage, a holistic health centre on Long Island, New York. The health centre provides a range of treatment options, including crystal therapy, spiritual healing, reiki classes, energy medicine and, of course, massage. They also run workshops to help people maintain their good health and energy on their own.

Marlene is also a licensed nurse and is certified in a number of western and eastern traditional medicine practices, such as aromatouch/raindrop therapy, cupping, reflexology, aromatherapy and cold laser. This means that her centre is great for anyone who needs any of these procedures, and that she knows what she is doing in her treatments.

She is an empath who spent many years working as a nurse before shifting into holistic medicines. This means that her clients are in safe hands, with someone who has a lot of healthcare experience overseeing their therapies and treatments.

Crystal therapy

Crystal therapy is an alternative medicine that uses the power of crystals (logically) and other semiprecious stones to draw negative energy out of the body and maintain good health. The stones also help to maintain your chakra alignment and remove diseases. The therapy can also be used alongside healing massages and Reiki.


Reiki is also known as palm healing, and involves Marlene running her hands over her client’s body lightly, and holding her hands over their energy pathways. This helps to channel vital energies and transfer universal life energy into the body.

This energy promotes wellness and positivity by restoring chakras to their most natural state, which is essential as they are unfortunately misaligned quite often in the modern world! In addition to performing Reiko, Marlene also runs courses to teach people how to do it themselves.

Energy medicine

Energy medicine is the combination of lots of therapies from various traditions, particularly eastern and Indian medicine, to help people stay healthy through properly channelling energy pathways and removing disease causing vibes. This tradition isn’t confined to Asian medicine, by the way – there is a long Western tradition of using energy to heal people, and bad energy causing disease.

Yoga is the most common form of energy medicine, and it is great for helping your chakras align and opening up your positive pathways. However, acupuncture, aromatherapy, crystals, Reiko and reflexology are also very good – particularly when you do them in combination!


Reflexology is good for aligning your energy pathways and helps you to sleep better. If you get this from a therapist like Marlene she will stimulate reflex points around your body, including on your face, hands and feet, to help your whole body to relax. Even just manipulating the feet (which have over 15,000 nerve endings) can have a huge impact on helping you sleep better.

The reason the feet are so powerful in helping your body relax is that you can manipulate the whole body (including internal organs and glands) from a simple reflexology session. This means that just by having your feet lightly manipulated by a trained reflexologist you can put yourself into deep enough relaxation to appreciate your blessings, and be ready to fall into a peaceful, contented slumber.

Through these therapies, along with some others such as aromatherapy (using smells to stimulate positive energy and relax), sound healing (which is the same but with sound) and pure massage, Marlene is able to help her patients to channel their energies and align their chakras in order to live a life full of good vibrations, positivity and, most importantly, good health and wellness.


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