How Prince William will react if his kids come out as gay

A known LGBTQ ally, Prince William revealed that he is “absolutely fine” with his kids if they identify as gay in the future.

In support of the LGBTQ community, the British royal visited the Albert Kennedy Trust in London, England. The non-profit organization caters to LGBTQ youth who are in need of a safe and secure home.

During the visit, the Duke of Cambridge participated in a discussion where he was asked how he would react if his kids were to come out gay in the future. To which he replied “obviously absolutely fine by me,” the Associated Press reports.

Prince William revealed that he finds it nerve-wracking because of the public scrutiny that comes with being a royal.

“It worries me not because of them being gay,” the Duke explained. “It worries me as to how everyone else will react and perceive it, and then the pressure is then on them.”

“I wish we lived in a world where it’s really normal and cool, but particularly for my family, and the position that we are in, that’s the bit I am nervous about,” he continued. “How many barriers, you know, hateful words, persecution, all that and discrimination that might come, that’s the bit that really troubles me. But that’s for all of us to try and help correct and make sure we can put that to the past and not come back to that sort of stuff.”

The Prince and his wife Duchess Katherine Middleton share three children. Prince George (5), Princess Charlotte (4) and Prince Louis (1).

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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