How Clients Can Select a First Class Wedding Photographer

So how can clients complete the picture and ensure they have a quality wedding photographer?

There are some methods to take onboard that will help make this quest a little easier for all parties.

Quality of Communication

Hiring a wedding photographer can be an exercise that accumulates a number of factors for the client, but the greatest asset they have is their ability to communicate. When it comes to establishing a timeframe, a style for the photos and other elements over the span of the project, they have to be able to deal and manage with people well. That can be found with their promptness to respond to messages and emails as well as their ability to negotiate pressure and not become flustered during talks.

Flexibility on the Day

No matter how much forward planning has been carried out for the big day, there is always the chance that something will go array. It could be rain, a groomsman not showing up on time, the lighting failing or something else unexpected. A quality wedding photographer   will be able to think on their feet and come up with a contingency plan. Problem solving skills might not have been developed through their photographic education, but it will be a result of attending multiple ceremonies over the span of years or decades.

Transparent Pricing Policy

The worst thing that clients can experience with a wedding photographer is preparing for a honeymoon before discovering that their bill for the event has spiraled out of control. By throwing in hidden fees and extras that were not completely disclosed ahead of time, couples can be paying for more than they bargained for should the fine print have left out some key details. Payment policies should be transparent with no room for ambiguity.

Back Catalogue Record

For any couple it is vital that they have access to the back catalogue of a wedding photographer. This will be their showcase moment to present the images that will be cherished for decades and generations to come. Can they capture those precious moments? Is the lighting suitable? Is there a variety between group shots and couple shots? Are they are to incorporate the scenery as a backdrop? This will be a subjective exercise because some selections will work for certain couples, but use this as a guide to making a final call.

Well Reviewed Online

Unless clients have the opportunity to receive a direct personal referral for a wedding photographer, the only real chance to get an idea about their expertise is via online reviews. This can be found on key search engines like Google and Yahoo as well as industry specific sites that outline the credentials of wedding photographers across the state of NSW and the country at large. With ratings out of 5 stars and comments sections attached, users get an opportunity to read up on the experiences of other couples who engaged their services. In this setting it is not only worthwhile understanding the volume of reviews but the quality of them as well, as there can be new professionals on the market who have excelled with a smaller sample size.


Couples should take all elements into account when choosing a wedding photographer. If this is a domain that is genuinely important, it is worthwhile not leaving this selection. Undertake a bit of homework and assess which practitioners have the skills to get this project done right.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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