5 best home studio setups that will help you top the charts!

Music is one of the purest forms of art that one can pursue and no matter the age if you have talent, you can prosper in the field. With the wave of social media, the music industry has seen one of the biggest rises in the number of artists pursuing music. Unlike the old times when people had to spend a lot of money and go to different places just to make music, today everything can be done by a single computer at your home. Isn’t that insane? The year 2020 was a clear example of how every goal can be achieved without having to leave the comfort of your cozy recliners. Though a professional studio is still an expensive thing to have, what every budding musician can have is a home setup that is not only capable of providing a platform but can even take you to the heights of success. One of the legendary producers and rapper, Dr. Dre, in one of his interviews said that “all you need is a will to be the best, and there is nothing that can come in your way” and turns out that is exactly what you need. In this post, you will find out about what is the best entry-level home studio setup that you can have that helps you give your will a boost that you need to survive. Without further ado, let’s get started.A microphone for making chart topping music setup in a home studio.

First things first, let us understand the concept of a home studio. A home studio is nothing but an interconnection of semi-professional equipment in any room of your house. As we all have a workplace at our houses, a computer desk or a reading desk, that can very well be converted into a proper home studio. Musicians can work with every possible resource that they have. If you are also a budding artist then this post will help you set up a home studio that can enable you to produce good music without having to step out.

Components required for a perfect home studio


The very first thing that you want is to decide where you want to set the studio. Keep in mind that in our houses there are all kinds of disturbances either from members or neighbors. You need to choose a room that has the least number of windows and can be isolated for a while as these productions can take longer than expected. Make sure you choose a good space in your study room as mostly that is the quietest place in a house. Also, you don’t need a huge room for it as the voice might echo.

ComputerA man sitting at the computer in his home studio set up for making hit songs.

You might have seen that a lot of producers and artists prefer custom-built PCs over laptops but that is not a mandatory thing to have. You can use the same Macbook that you use for your work or studies provided that it has the minimum specs that are required. Windows PC can be used but then again Mac offers support for both LogicX and FL Studio which can come in handy for you. Use a Macbook and make sure you have all the connecting ports to it. If you do not have one, you can easily go for a refurbished one from amazon or Alibaba as they are really value-for-money gadgets.

(Pro Tip – It is better to invest in a top of a line machine that is a generation older than settling for a mid-range device.)


A lot of people find microphones to be the most expensive equipment and that is why they don’t even try to search for a deal. With the advancements of technology, some applications even allow you to record studio-grade audio on your smartphone but since we are talking about a proper studio setup, we will take it as a professional’s den and that is why some entry-level microphones such as – Shure’s SM56 for as low as $99 and it can be a really good thing to get started with as there are no problems with the mic and later you can easily upgrade on the better one, once you have started doing better in the field. Also, make sure you get the complete set that includes a stand and a pop filter that helps in better-sounding vocals.

Audio interfaceA person using their home studio setup and audio interface to create a chart topping hit.

This is a key piece of equipment that helps your audio quality to transition from a rookie to a pro one. This provides an interface between your mic and the controller platform that you are using. This will also provide the accessibility of direct input into your controller making the sound more and more crisper. These cost a little too high but you can get a good deal on refurbished ones if you do not have a problem with them? The best thing about these is that they are compact and give all the power to the mic that your PC can not.

Monitor speakers or headphones

Though both of them are a requirement of a professional artist, you can choose one of them if you are low on budget. Yamaha sells some of the most powerful and pocket-friendly monitor speakers that are good quality sound producers with heavy bass. Or you can go with a more silent approach. If you are an avid beat producer you can use Sennheiser’s entry-level hip hop edition headphones to compensate as it is understandable that you can not get started with the speakers every night and day. It is completely Your choice whether you can have the speakers or not but headphones are a must!

That’s just it, this is your basic home studio setup that can get you through the rough times and help you produce quality music. I know that we have left out a bunch of important stuff such as noise-canceling foam and instruments but please note that this is the setup for beginners and all the things that are included in this setup can be the best for them if they use it to their full potential. This is how you can set up a working studio at your home without actually disturbing your decor. Hope this post was helpful for you! Good luck with your career!

Mandy Lowe
Mandy Lowe
I'm a music producer and an expert in FL studio. In my free time, I also help out students with assignment help. I always believed that everyone has a hidden artist and they must be given due opportunities.
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