Have you become too dependent on technology?

Nearly three-quarters of the US population agree that they have become excessively reliant on the latest, technologically advanced gadgets. The scenario is roughly the same in many other countries too. Let us here focus on certain points that indicate such unhealthy over-dependence on technology.

Laptops, smartphones, television screens, GPS-powered car navigators – the evolution of technology has gifted us humans many tools and gadgets, for making our lives easier. Of late, though, there have been reports worldwide of an apparent over-dependence of people on technology.

On the supportive side of technology, it seems to develop a global network connecting people. But in today’s real-time positions, it has replaced cordial communication and resulted in social isolation. Practically, if being maltreated, today’s technology can imperil many risks. Teenagers are more vulnerable, and the nastiest crime is cyber bullying.

We here present certain hypothetical scenarios that support this school of thought. If you identify yourself with any of these cases, you are indeed too dependent on technology:

An unhealthy addiction to e-gaming – The charms of the latest Nintendo, Play station, and iPhone apps for kids are considerable – but they are, somewhere down the line, making present-generation kids less sociable. There has been a marked decline in the interest of children to go out and get into a game with friends. Staying cooped up in a room with a gaming console in hand seems a much more attractive option.

Businesses becoming too reliant on the internet – There are plenty of business organizations (even in the US and the UK), where a major internet server problem leads to the loss of several man-hours. Workers are forced to sit idle, as the repair work goes on. The integration of computers in the business workflow certainly has had its advantages – but it has left little scope for working without a desktop/laptop in front.

The burgeoning popularity of e-books – The definition of book-lovers, has started to change, over the last couple of years. Many people at present prefer downloading eBooks or reading books on mobile apps – since the task of actually going through a physical book is too boring. Maybe the reading material is the same, but there is a separate charm to holding a paper book, as any old-timer would vouch.

technology dependent teen using computer
Photo: Hitesh Choudhary, Pexels.

Downloading apps, plenty of them – Without caring, whether they are free or paid apps, or if you would even need them or not overtime! Tech-addicts tend to lap up practically every new application released by iPhone application developers. That, in turn, results in the phone memory getting filled unnecessarily, and also serves as a proof of the unhealthy attractions of technology.

Irritability at not being able to use technology – Does your child show evident signs of displeasure, when (s)he is told that texting is not allowed while eating? Do you find all the daily soaps on television unmissable? If yes, it can safely be concluded that you (or your kid) have become too enamored by technology for your good. Some people feel irritated if their relatives come for a visit, at the time of their favorite serials!

Staring at laptop/mobile screens all night – Sophisticated methods of website and mobile app designing have made sure that they do not cause excessive strain on users’ eyes. Even then, it is hardly advisable to fidget with your smartphone, or play games on your laptop – at odd hours, for extended periods. Even if you can resist this tendency on weekdays, the prospect of substituting sleep for mobile gaming on Saturday nights might seem too alluring!

Missing out on the many little charms of real-life – Of late, you might not have been able to properly watch a mesmerizing sunrise, your little darling giving a lovely dance performance, or enjoy a gossip session with your buddies to the fullest. The reason? You probably remain too occupied with getting your camera settings just right, on all these occasions. Capturing a few precious moments is all very nice – but you should not always look out on the world through a camera lens.

Sleeping disordersInsomnia, of course, is a disease – but individuals who are too attached to gadgets and gizmos often suffer from sleep irregularities too. If you are always concerned about whether your movie discs and smartphone apps are working fine, your natural abilities to sleep soundly can take a hit. And what happens when you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night? That’s right – you reach for your mobile or laptop!

Technology substituting parents’ company – If you are a working parent, you would appreciate the significance of this point better. While there is no dearth of engaging storytelling apps for kids – none of them can substitute the magic of the quality time that a parent spends with his/her children. If you are too busy with your life and have bought a lot of automated toys and games for your child as a proxy for yourself – it’s time you changed your perspective.

Everything is being bought online – The generalization that women love to shop is fast losing its validity, across the world. Right from dresses and books to interior decor items, gifts, and even select grocery stuff – everything can now be bought on the web, in the matter of a few clicks. It’s not that standing in long queues is a particularly attractive proposition, but the excitements of going on a shopping binge were something to cherish.

Becoming too dependent on technology can lead to serious health hazards and/or behavioral disorders. If you are a quintessential “couch potato”, sitting in front of the television for 10/12 hours a day, obesity is likely to make an unwelcome appearance, pretty soon. Getting rid of tech-addiction is often as difficult (if not trickier) as overcoming drug addiction. Technology is present for the benefit of humankind; we are not meant to become its slaves!

Michelle Rebecca
Michelle Rebecca
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