Hannah Gadsby is no longer retiring from comedy

Comedian Hannah Gadsby has announced that she will be performing a new show and a U.S. tour despite recently stating that she would be “retiring from comedy.”

Her stand-up performance ‘Nanette’ became an international hit after its release in 2018, playing in sold out venues across the globe and winning the top prize at the United Kingdom’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s biggest arts festival.

Gadsby also won an AACTA award for the performance, and her show continues to be popular on streaming service Netflix.

The show, which offered witty, biting punchlines and social commentary on topics like gender, sexism and sexuality, criticised the self-deprecating humour prevalent in the comedy landscape. Her honesty and openness around her experiences, sharp psychological awareness and bold social critique contributed to the show’s huge success.

Gadsby had previously stated that she would be retiring from comedy due to becoming weary of the industry. Yet the success of Nanette – and her ability to engage audiences and spark conversation around topical issues such as homophobia and sexism – had her reconsider retirement.

Gadsby has humorously said that she “lied” and that she would be releasing a follow-up show despite finding the success of Nanette disorienting. The comedian seeks to use her voice to spark further conversation around social issues.

Since the success of Nanette, Gadsby has reportedly spent most of her time keeping to herself as opposed to networking, as she has found being in the spotlight tiring.

Her new show, ‘Douglas’, named after her pet dog, will begin in Melbourne on March 27. The show will pick up from where Nanette left off, exploring the challenges of living in the modern world.

Gadsby will eventually go on tour in the U.S., Europe, New Zealand and Canada, and will perform additional shows across Australia.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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