GQ names Jennifer Lopez as Icon of the Year for 2019

Jennifer Lopez has just been named as Icon of the Year in GQ’s Man of the Year issue.

During GQ’s interview, Lopez revealed that she did not take a single penny for her role in Hustlers because she was passionate about the project. She instead decided to roll the dice and just take a producer’s fee based on how the movie did at the box office. She stated that she banks on herself, just like ‘Jenny from the Block’ who does what she likes, which in return, turned out a solid bet with the film making $33 million during its opening weekend which Lopez will get a percentage of that.

Lopez also recently spoke with Access Hollywood and shared that during the filming of the movie, she thought that she accidentally broke Constance Wu’s nose during a scene where they were fighting.

During another sit down with GQ, the singer-actress listed down some of the highlights of her career, like playing Selena in a movie. Lopez shared that playing the role of Selena was an amazing experience and even though she knew it was a huge responsibility, there was also a level of ignorance regarding the magnitude of the role since she was still in her early twenties when she made the film. Lopez stated that she just delved into the character and trying to get to know the character as much as she could by watching as much footage as she can find and spending as much time with Selena’s family to further understand Selena’s life.

Jenny from the Block was another highlight of Lopez’s career where she shared that the lyrics to her song is still relevant to her life now years removed from where she debuted the single. The actress stated that growing up in the Bronx defined who she is. Lopez disclosed that the song was written by another person who was also from New York, who also understood that when you grow up from New York, there’s a part of the place that never leaves you as a person.

Another highlight according to J-Lo was being a judge in American Idol. According to her, she had just had her kids who were two years old at the time and got a call from her manager and told her that Simon Fuller, the creator of American Idol wanted to speak to her because some of the judges from American Idol and they had plans on revamping the show and was hoping that Lopez could be one of the new judges.

Lopez stated that she agreed to be on board but had some doubts at first but since she loved the show and loved music, she thought that she can contribute to it and in a way, reintroduce herself back into the music business again.

The singer-actress is also banking on a few upcoming projects like headlining the Super Bowl Half Time Show as well as being the new global face of Coach proving that she is quite the hustler herself.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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