Georgie Gardner faces her fears on the Today Show

Georgie Gardner has faced one of her biggest fears on a Today show segment as Karl Stefanovic sits right beside her holding her hand.

The co-host of the Today show got up close and personal with a few snakes live on air and in doing so faced her biggest fear.

The Today show has been running a series of segments in which presenters on the show have to face their biggest fears. Earlier in the week Richard Wilkins, the entertainment reporter for Today, was forced to ride a rollercoaster before Georgie Gardner and Karl Stefanovic had snakes placed in their hands later in the week.

The snakes brought onto the show included a huge python and venomous tiger snake. Gardner said she was “sweating and feeling anxious” throughout the segment as the snakes came closer and was even ready to run off set.

Stefanovic has recently been under heavy media pressure following a phone call between him and his brother was revealed with the two venting about colleagues of which Georgie Gardner was one of.

Despite this, he was evidently aware of just how scared Gardner was saying that he was “here for you”.

The fears of Georgia Gardner were pushed to their limits as the snake handlers placed a massive boa constrictor around her neck with the host visibly scared.

At the end of the segment, she said that she was proud of herself for getting through it and accepting the fact that a snake was on her. She was also congratulated by other members of the team for her efforts.

It wasn’t long before Stefanovic began joking about his own ‘phobias’. He said that they would be back tomorrow when he was to face his fears of “a stiff breeze…I’m scared of everything”.

Georgie Gardner also said that 5-star hotels and business class flights were amongst some of Stefanovic’s biggest fears as well.

The segment comes following much media attention involving Stefanovic and his brother Peter and their late night phone call in an Uber. Details were revealed that both men were heard venting their opinions about various colleagues.

New co-host of the Today show, Georgie Gardner, was one of those colleagues in which Karl said she needed to have more of an opinion “if she wanted to stay on the show”.

It appears Gardner may have her revenge in the coming weeks as presenters continue to face their fears.

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