Best ways to get the garden ready for spring

After the cold winter the first song of the cuckoo bird is both delightful and heartwarming. As the seasons change and it starts to get warmer, there are different things that need to be done in the garden to ensure proper bloom!  Here are some handy tips to use while those hands get dirty to make the garden amazing.

Tip #1: Add Moisture

After the cold winter it’s possible that the cold winds took away all that moisture from the soil.  Now the soil needs to be revitalised by adding moisture. The best way to do this is by treating your soil with organic material like manure or compost. Check the soil to see what it really needs to make the perfect mixture. Adding more fertiliser will improve the health of the soil which in turn makes plants last longer.

The sun will shine brightly in spring even on evergreens and that’s when the roots will require more water. If there is not enough moisture content they will turn brown, dry out and die. The cold doesn’t harm them, it’s when the sun comes up that they need most water.

Tip #2: Mulch it

Fertilisers and organic materials are essential but adding mulch to flower beds and gardens retains moisture and keeps diseases away. It also regulates the temperature of the soil and prevents weeds from growing. Mulch it in a way that it’s a few inches away from the plant stems to prevent roots from rotting.

Fertilise your lawn and this will prompt the grass crowns to collect the fertiliser and promote growth. Australian soil is nutrient poor, weak and high in salt. So be sure to use moderate amounts of fertilisers. Before planting dig deeper where there is clay and add some gypsum to promote good quality plants.  Make sure to use organic manures.

Tip #3: Trim it

Plants that have survived the winter need to be pruned so that they grow in spring. Make sure that winter is completely over before pruning plants. Plants that bloom should be pruned right after they blossom so that it benefits future flowers. Early spring is a good time to prune plants for summer.

Tip #4: The right tools

Use the right tools like handy snippers, pole pruners, hose and hedge shears to prepare your lawn. These tools make work easier by providing extra power while cutting, pruning and keeping gardens stylish. Buy quality ones so that it’s more durable facilitates clean cutting and keeps away from corrosion. Make sure to buy tools that are sharp so that cuts are made easily.

Termites are a cause of worry in northern Australia and they attack timber. Remember to keep hardwood stakes, lawn tools and wooden handles off the ground even in southern, eastern or western parts of Australia just to be on the safer side. Get hold of the best gardening tools to set a pretty garden this spring. 

Tip #5: Time it

Gardens can be organised by planning what to plant when during spring season. Also it will stay beautiful and colorful all throughout spring by using techniques that will ensure spring worthy gardens. In mid spring consider getting new flower beds, plant flowers that are annuals like roses which will last longer.

It is better to transplant seedlings when the weather is calm and cloudy so that plants can recover without sitting in the sun. Garden soil should be moist while transplanting. Mulch it. When spring time is almost over it’s best to remove bulbs and prune flowers.  It’s also the best season to plant herbs like basil and dill. Transplant herb seedlings to increase your chances of having better quality herbs. 

Tip #6: Colour it

Splash some colour and make a spring statement by planting a bed of petunias, nasturtium, snapdragons, phlox and marigolds. They will attract bees to pollinate and leave gardens looking marvellous. Sunflowers are also a good idea on a sunny spot while planting the seed care should be taken to plant it in double depth of the seed.

Citrus trees tend to have gall wasps and composting it or removing the affected sections is not the way to go about the situation. Carefully remove the affected parts by pruning well from below the gall. Even cutting through the gall and exposing the larvae to air can do the trick, make sure to pop it in a bag after doing so and throw it in the rubbish bin.

Spring time is beautiful and make sure to make it even more appealing by throwing in some colour and making a strong spring statement and bees will come buzzing all the way from the Garden of Eden for a sight just as beautiful. It’s the best time to make gardens Instagram worthy and take a panoramic shot or having a cuckoo concert. Gardening in spring never looked so easy.

Rosemary Mathew
Rosemary Mathew
Rosemary has been blogging for almost 5 years now. She loves blogging about anything and sharing her ideas with the world. She has a particular interest in fashion, health and beauty, as well as sport and ensuring Australians are as active as possible. Contact: [email protected]
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