The 7 most frustrating causes for an iPhone repair

You love your iPhone. It’s sleek, it’s fashionable and it’s nearly always in your hands, but the more you use it the more likely it is to malfunction in some way.

As the iPhone has become more advanced over the years, it’s gained more and more features that people use every day. People become so used to using these features habitually that when the phone breaks down it can be very frustrating.

If the problem isn’t internal, it’s external. IPhones are extremely delicate pieces of technology that don’t stand up to abuse very well.

Many of us know someone who simply tolerates having a cracked screen or a malfunctioning button. If you don’t want to live with the drawbacks of a faulty phone then you need to get it repaired.

IPhone repairs can be expensive depending on what issue they’re addressing. Sometime it’s more convenient to upgrade the phone altogether than fix a broken one.

You may be eligible for an in-house repair by Apple employees depending on your warranty. These warranty repairs are the cheapest option but may not be available to everyone.

Let’s take a look at some of the most frustrating reasons you might need iPhone repair.

Battery failure

The lithium-ion batteries in smartphones are great at powering small devices but they do begin to lose effectiveness over time. Batteries that are put under a lot of stress (like reaching 0% charge) will begin to retain less and less power.

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Unfortunately, these batteries can’t really be effectively repaired and will need to be replaced entirely. This is why taking care of your phone’s battery life is important in prolonging the functionality of the phone.

Battery not charging

This can be related to the battery itself or hardware components like the phone’s charging port. It can also be caused by using a faulty charging cable or a phone case that obscures the power connection.

Either way, the battery failing to charge is a problem that occurs all too often. It can be even more of an issue if the phone is allowed to reach 0%, negatively affecting the battery itself.

If the problem is related to the charging cable, then simply changing the cable should be enough. If that doesn’t work then it may be a problem with the charging port which will need to be repaired or replaced.

Broken buttons

Even though the iPhone is primarily operated via the touchscreen, the few physical buttons it does have are essential to its operation.

Sometimes buttons that get frequently used or damaged will no longer function properly. This can be frustrating when it becomes impossible to raise the volume or lock the phone screen for parental control or any security reasons.

Sometimes these buttons can be repositioned if they are out of alignment. Otherwise the button and its connection need to be entirely replaced.

Loss of signal

One of the most convenient features of iPhones, and all smartphones, is the ability to use wireless internet from just about anywhere in range. If your iPhone is not picking up signal where it otherwise should or is acting up, it’s a sign it needs repair. You need to look for an iPhone Repairs in Sydney if you want to fix the phone locally.

Faulty camera

Those who are loyal to the iPhone brand will often boast of the high quality of the camera. If photos start coming out blurry or with visual artefacts it may be a sign the camera or its lens needs repair.

Cracked screen

Probably the most common reason for an iPhone repair, these phones are notorious for their screens cracking upon contact with the ground. Dropping your iPhone is a fear every user has an often prompts people to buy protective cases for their phones.

Faulty camera iphone
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If you’re unlucky enough to get a cracked screen, then you might still be able to use the phone, but it’s best to get it repaired. Because iPhone screens crack pretty often, you likely won’t have to go very far to find a shop that can replace it.

According to iPhone 7 Repairs in Sydney – the local store, prices for screen replacement can vary from $100 to $300 depending where you go. It’s best to shop around as many different stores offer this service.

Be careful though as using these 3rd party services can void your warranty on the phone.

Damage from water

Obviously, water and technology don’t mix very well. While many modern phones boast waterproof features, your iPhone may not be amongst them.

While the old trick of putting the phone in a bag of rice might help de-moisturise it from light water spills, you may need to repair or replace it if it became fully submerged.


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