Cool smart home gadgets that will make your life easier

The smart home concept is becoming more popular worldwide. As sales of smart appliances are growing all around Australia, homeowners are starting to choose them over the traditional ones. Smart appliances have introduced the “automated” lifestyle, bringing us one step closer to the future.

Smart home appliance concept allows us to keep up with the busy and modern lifestyle. Leading tech brands and manufacturers all around the world are trying to make our environment as smart as possible so that we can handle everyday duties faster and easier.

Robotic cleaners, smart assistants and light bulbs are just a few of many useful and automated gadgets that are becoming a mandatory component of residential homes and commercial properties.

While many are disputing whether we should rely on smart devices and allow them to have control of so many life aspects, increasing sales and positive customer feedback are suggesting that smart home gadgets are actually really useful and practical.

So, if you are looking for a new home appliance why not use the end of financial year sales and consider one of the 3 most popular smart home features.

Smart Home Assistant

Google Home, Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo are just a few of many smart home assistant available on the market. Similar to Siri, Bixby and Google Assistant which are available on your smartphone, home assistant are activated by a voice command.

They can assist you with a wide range of tasks, from reading weather updates and daily appointments to playing music, setting alarm o’clock or cracking a joke or two.

When linked to other smart devices in your household, your smart assistant can also adjust lights, temperature or even find a cleaner on Airtasker. You can even have extensive interactions or discuss local diners, restaurants and attractions.

Some smart home assistants such as Google Home can even entertain you and your family members with interesting games and smart quizzes.

Smart Light Bulbs

With smart light bulbs, you can easily change your lighting preference and adjust desired lighting ambient. Smart light bulb systems, such as Philips Hue or Belkin WeMo LED are not your average LED lights. On the contrary, they can do so much more.

Smart bulbs can easily connect to your wireless router through a phone app and from there open an extensive range of settings and possibilities. They allow you to easily manage them and dim certain bulbs without even installing a dimmer switch.

To make it more interesting, some smart bulbs such as Belkin WeMo and GE LInk let you have control of your lights even when you are not at home. This can come quite handy when you are out of town as your home will never look empty nor you will waste energy if you accidentally leave your lights on.

The coolest feature of the smart light bulbs is definitely their ability to change colour. With Philips Hue, Siri can change the colour of the lights for you while Flux Smart LED Light Bulbs have a range of astonishing 16 million colours. How cool is that?

X-Spect Fabric Scanner by Bosch

If laundry day is the least favourite day of your week, then Bosch might have a solution that will make your laundry chores much easier. Even though washing machines are not fully automated, having a smart machine will definitely come in handy.

For example, X-Spect Fabric Scanner by Bosch can scan and identify the types of stains and recommend the most suitable wash cycle. X-Spect scanner will actually hover its sensor over the fabric and then program the washer so that it can wash the garment and remove the stain.

Thanks to the ability to connect to the Internet, Bosch’s X-Spect Scanner can access its database and retrieve information regarding the different type of garments, materials and wash cycles.

Also, smart machines are convenient as they let you program and schedule your washing. These smart appliances can also schedule wash cycles according to the material and different levels of dirt. One thing is certain – stain removal was never this easy!


Tatjana Milcic
Tatjana Milcic
Originally from Belgrade, Serbia but now based in Sydney, she is a writer and a digital marketer but also a true Star Wars fan, who lives and breathes everything digital. Contact: [email protected]
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